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One of Swedens largest tourist destination in the summer, Smogen pier!

Updated on June 28, 2011

If you visit Sweden's west coast in summer, you should not miss the island Smogen and the Smogen pier. Smogen is located on the Swedish west coast and attracts thousands of visitors annually.The biggest tourist attraction is the Smogen pier, a 600 meters long wooden pier with shops, restaurants, cafes and a fantastic nightlife. Smogen is an small island that is connected with the mainland and the neighboring town Kungshamn with a bridge.

Our family usually visit the Smogen pier at least once every summer. It is a summer tradition to walk on the pier, shop in the small shops in old fishing huts, look at the boats in the harbour and eat fresh shrimps, prawns and other seafood in one of the restaurants. Smogen is a part of the Swedish west coast archipielago that I am totally in love with. Nothing is so soothing and peaceful to me as the smoth jet rugged coastline.

The name Smogen probably come from the Swedish word "smyghal", which translates as "sneak-hole" or "nook", referring to the narrow inlet between the Smogen island and where the harbour lies.
View of smogen port
View of smogen port


Most of Smogens character is largely preserved from the days when the island and harbour was used as an important fishing port since the island is the ultimate out post of the west sea. The harbour was important for export and trade with Europe and is suited well protected. Here is also one of Sweden's few fish markets located and is still used today. Historically Smogen is one of the old fishing ports that was used during the herring periods. There have been at least four well documented herring periods in Bohuslan county in Sweden, once per century during the 1500s to 1800s. During a herring period the herring came very close to the shore in large quantities and could be fished with simple tools, also with landing net.


Along the pier you are able to buy clothes, interior decoration, film and music, antiques and so on. There are also many restaurants, hotels and cafes. And take the opportunity to taste the delicious seafood, chose from prawn sandwiches, seafood buffet, salmon cakes, halibut, scallops. If you don't like fish and other seafood there is of course all kind of food available.

Most tourist visit Smogen during summer and enjoy the smoothly polished rock-face that meets the sea Skagerrak. Smogen is very lively during summer but the cliffs and the sea is on the contrary a silent and tranquillity surrounding.

Near the pier there are many hotels, guesthouses, hostels or you can rent a cottage. Some of the hotels have spa were you can relax and enjoy massage and treatments. Other activities available is diving, fishing and island tours, boat charter, lobster fishing, kayaking, sailing fishing, seal safaris so I promise that you wont get bored.

A markerSmogen Sweden -
Smögen, Sotenäs, Sverige
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Smogen is an island located on the Swedish west coast.

A markersmogen, Sweden -
Smögen, Sotenäs, Sverige
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Smogen is a locality situeted on a island in Sotenas municipality, Vastra Gotaland County in Sweden.


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    • thougtforce profile image

      Christina Lornemark 7 years ago from Sweden

      Wife Who Saves, indeed you can, there are several fishing tours, so you will have plenty of time! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment!

    • profile image

      Wife Who Saves 7 years ago

      A lovely description - now I am ready for another vacation. Smogen sounds like a place where I could send my husband fishing while I go shopping. Great hub.