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Onslow Mud Crabs-- Seafood

Updated on May 30, 2011

Onslow Mud Crabs

Are you a crab lover & trying to find a great spot for mud crabbing ? We have heard that Onslow mud crabs are delicious so in a few weeks we are heading to Onslow for a few days to go mud crabbing, fishing etc a coastal town in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, 1386 kilometres (861 mi) north of Perth. It currently has a population of around 573 people and was originally founded in 1883 as a port for exporting wool from the sheep farms .

Onslow is popular for fishing , scuba giving especially out off the Mackeral Islands nearby as well as swimming or enjoying the fishing and catching crabs at Five Mile Pool and Three Mile Pool, where you can set up camp under the stars for the night !

I was told that we should go to Old Onslow for the Mud Crabs ! Catching seafood is a lot more fun than just going to a Seafood restaurant !

As we are going very soon I am doing research now so as not to waste any time once we reach Onslow

Visit Old Onslow for Mud Crabs !

Seafood heaven !
Seafood heaven !

Onslow Mud Crabs

catching  crabs  at Onslow
catching crabs at Onslow
Spot for Mud crabbing
Spot for Mud crabbing

Tips on Mud Crabbing

We were advised that fresh bait is always good as crab bait tends to go off in the warm water fairly fast;

Use fresh mullet or lamb necks as they are easier to wire on. chops work well. thread the wire through the marrow bone

Use Wire mesh pots with meat or fish bait to catch mud crabs .

Locals go mud crabbing during the incomming tide, the top and the start of the outgoing tide.

When cooking live crabs allow 10 minutes per 500g to cook. Steam or boil in salted water.

Onslow WA

Seafood Restaurant !

If you don't get the chance to catch your own seafood in Onslow you can always visit  Nikki’s Licensed Restaurant, where locals come for steak and fresh seafood. Apparently they serve the best prawns in the state so I can't wait to taste them !

They are located at 17 first Ave in Onslow & I will add photo's once we have eaten there ourselves!

Onslow Ocean View Caravan park

 Onslow Ocean View Caravan park is ocated right in town so its just a walk to the shops, local hotel/pub, restaurant or beaches. Not a big town but a great place to stop and rest while you enjoy the very friendly locals, who will point you in the right direction for a swim or a place to fish, quite a few activities in the winter months for the tourist. A group of islands [The Mackerel Islands] are situated just off the coast with some great snorkelling spots or a bit of fishing, or you can fish off the beach. Well worth a visit, would be one of the last small towns on the coast that has not been commercialised


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