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Organic Travel

Updated on August 21, 2014

Traveling "Organic" is so rewarding!

Organic: In a general term means "unpolluted"

This doesn't mean you have to belong to a certain political party; democrat, republican or other to enjoy the great outdoors! Right now is a great time to see the world organically, and its a growing trend in the travel industry. Whether you are staying at organic farms or Just soaking in the sun on unpolluted beaches, This style of travel can be quite rewarding. I have put together some fun sites and places to check out on this hub. Enjoy!


The Berkshires

The Massachusetts Mountains are beautiful in spring and much quieter than summer. Head for some hiking trails that honeycomb the the western mountain stretch, Visit North Adams and Williams-town, featuring expansive cultural attractions, the most dramatic addition is the Mo-CA, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, in the quaint mill town of North Adams. This is a 13 acre museum that has transformed North Adams as an unlikely capitol the art world. There are biking trails, canoeing and kayaking or just enjoy the natural beauty of the states highest mountains and fertile valleys. In the Berkshires you can expect cutting edge art, stellar lodging and excellent dining.


The beach at Majahirtas, Mexico certainly qualifies as a secluded beach vacation. It is a boat only accessible island that takes 20 minutes to get there.  there is only one the 8 room hotel , tucked up under the palms, have the beach all to themselves. The cove is perfect for snorkeling and kayaking. The hotel has an upscale feel, while it is really quite simple. There is no electricity, open air casitas, either up high overlooking the cove, or down at tide line. 


A journey to Turtle Island, Fiji

Turtle Island ~ Figi

This island has 14 Private Beaches.Your options whether to rent a bures, a villa or an entire island is the only real decision that is difficult to make. It is a beautiful natural place, The Blue lagoon movie was filmed here.

Wellness & Organic Resort in Thailand

Leave No-Trace Camping

There is a new trend called leave no trace camping. It is very similar to organic travel. The goal is to leave everything the way you saw it. The motto: "Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but foot prints." Stay on the paths and camp in the designated campsites. Pack all of your trash out, and do not leave anything behind.

Wild Desert Vacation

Burning Man is a big event once a year and really similar to the meaning of leave no trace camping is some ways. Once a year thousands of people gather in the middle of the desert with no amenities and have fun. When the week is over they take everything down and leave no trace. It is an amazing site, with lots of colorful lights and more. I would not recommend bringing children to it, It's a big party site. It is similar to the Eugene Oregon Country Fair.

Burning Man Video

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