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Orlando FL: Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, And More!

Updated on March 26, 2011
Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella's Castle

Top Things To Do in Orlando FL

One of the best family destinations in the world for both young and old is Orlando FL! This is the home of many of America’s finest theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. If you’ve never been to Orlando FL, isn’t it about time you paid a visit? If you’ve got kids and you haven’t been, it’s a wonder that they aren’t talking your ear off about how wonderful Disney World is and how much fun it would be for you all to go there!

When most people think of Orlando FL, they think of Walt Disney World first off, and that place is a huge entertainment property with multiple theme parks, restaurants, hotels and resorts, golf courses, water parks, a race track, and many other incredible things to do there! The ultimate goal of the Disney management is that you never set foot off the Disney property except when coming and going to the airport or your car to enter and leave. They want the visitor to spend all their money with them and not with other theme parks or attractions off the property, so they’ve provided a destination within itself. If a hotel is what you’re looking for, they have all sizes and price ranges available for you to pick from and they guarantee you’ll find something you and your budget will like.

Walt Disney World in Orlando FL...

The many different resorts available at Walt Disney World range from the opulent Grand Floridian Hotel, located on the monorail route right outside the Magic Kingdom theme park, to the Wilderness Lodge which has a more woodsy and rustic atmosphere, to the cheap and inexpensive, such as the Disney All-Stars Hotel among others. There are also many great restaurants that you can choose from all over the property, to the incredible fine dining at the Les Chefs de France at Epcot Center, or even eat at the Cinderella’s Palace with the Disney Characters for a few laughs!

Of course the 4 major theme parks at Disney World are the main attraction, and they are the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, MGM Studios, and the Animal Kingdom. All are must see attractions, and you should plan your stay accordingly to make sure you have enough time allotted. There are also a couple of great water parks if you happen to venture to Orlando FL in the warmer months, and various shopping experiences abound! You will definitely want to spend time here at Disney while you’re in Orlando FL.

Universal Studios in Orlando FL...

Another very popular attraction is Universal Studios Orlando, closer to town. They are a heavy competitor with Disney, and they have two theme parks for the visitors delight. Both are awesome, and compare to Disney’s in both size and quality. Check out the new Harry Potter “land” at the Universal Studios theme park, or maybe the “Jaws” attraction! It’s all good, as they say, and you’ll be sure to love your visit here!

Some other fun things to do in Orlando FL are the Sea World theme park, a visit through the historic section of downtown Orlando FL and surrounding areas, or maybe an airboat ride along one of the sub-tropical rivers nearby! Sea World is actually one of my favorite theme parks in the area, because of its emphasis on marine and sea life, and the fact that everything they have is real. No audio-animatronics here just live fish, sea lions, and whales… Probably one of the biggest attractions here at this park are the killer whales which are trained to jump and splash water all over the guests sitting in the seats, and the show is always a crowd pleaser! Shamu is the star of the show, and of course he’s the biggest and baddest killer whale of the bunch, ready to show off to the squeals of children everywhere. Sea World also has many other shows which include dolphins, seals, and shark exhibits. You can also see polar bears, penguins, and Beluga whales here! Interested in some crazy roller coaster rides, then this is the place! You should really like it here, especially if you have kids.

Airboat Ride in Orlando FL...

An airboat ride is so “Florida” that it’s probably almost a requirement during your visit to Orlando FL. It’s a great way to experience a little wind in your hair and the sub-tropical environment of that great state, and at the same time possibly get to see some good sized alligators in the wild… Just don’t give them a “hand out”, because you heard what happened to Captain Hook of Peter Pan fame! Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock…

I hope you’ve gotten a few ideas about some things to do in Orlando FL, and maybe you can come up with a few others on your own! Plan your trip carefully, because you’ll want to cram as much fun activities as you can possibly fit into your vacation… You don’t want to waste any time! Have fun!

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