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Orlando Florida Weather

Updated on April 18, 2015
Orlando Lifestyle
Orlando Lifestyle

Orlando Weather

Thinking of traveling or moving to the most visited destination in the United States? Welcome to Orlando. With world class theme parks, dining and entertainment, Orlando is a fantastic choice for vacation travelers to spend some quality relaxation time. When planning your trip, weather is often one of the most important things to look at to ensure that vacation is picture perfect.

Orlando Seasons

Despite the common ideas of the warm, sunny weather of the sunshine state, Orlando - as other Florida cities - does have distinct seasons with varying temperatures and weather patterns. Here's a brief overview.

Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World


Summer in Orlando is longer than your traditional Northeast Summer. It starts from roughly May and goes through to mid September. (5 months) Summer here is synonymous with average daily temperatures reaching the high 80's and 90's (Fahrenheit) with mid-afternoon and early evening thunderstorms and a heavy dose of humidity.

Most travelers visit Orlando in the Summer because of the family appeal and summer vacation availability, but if you can avoid it, there are much better times of year to come down to the Sunshine State.


Starting late September on into October, Orlando has traditional Fall weather. The high heat of the Summer starts to dissipate, the cloudy thunderstorms vanish, and enjoying the great outdoors becomes a breeze. Plus, if you're looking to see some beautiful fall foliage, don't be surprised to see it here. Yes - there's more than Palm trees in Orlando.


No, it doesn't snow in Orlando, though temperatures can sometimes drop into the high 20's! The Winter season begins in December and lasts roughly through to the end of February. Expect a mixture of cold mornings/evenings mixed in with rain. Average temperatures can be around 45 degrees in the morning heading north to 60 in the evening. No winter coats necessary but you may want to sport a heavy sweater.


Ah, the best time to visit.

Beginning Mid-March and heading out until May, Springtime in Orlando can't be beat. Thunderstorms do begin to pick back up in April and temperatures once again shoot up to the high 90's, though you will see many days in the relaxing mid 70's and low 80's with Sunshine galore. Spring time truly is a great time to be in Orlando.

Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando

Best time to Go

Though any time of year is great, looking at these weather options, there are 2 narrow windows of optimum sunshine, minimal rain, and bearable temperatures for some outdoor fun. These are during the Fall and Spring seasons.

Fall: Plan your trip between Mid-September and the end of November for some fantastic weather.

Spring: Plan your trip between mid-March and Mid-May for some great weather as well.

Any other time of year, expect some less optimum weather. Welcome to Florida!

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      Laura Deibel 2 years ago from Aurora

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