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Outer Banks NC: Kitty Hawk Has Large Sand Dunes That Can Even Be Seen From Space, But Can You Name What is Near?

Updated on March 25, 2011

The Outer Banks NC

There are many great places to visit and vacation in the world, and I’ve been to many of them… However, for fishing, camping, and hang gliding sports you simply can’t beat the Outer Banks NC! The Outer Banks NC are a chain of coastal islands that have protected mainland North Carolina from hurricanes and large storms from eroding the beaches as much as they normally would. Instead, the Outer Banks take the brunt of the coastal surges and tides, and they tend to get quite a bit of erosion. If you’re looking for peace and tranquility, the Outer Banks NC just may be what you’re looking for!

It’s a little drive to get to the islands of NC, and gas stations are not as prevalent as they are anywhere else, so make sure you have a full tank of gas and gas up whenever you get the chance… You might enter the Banks near Kitty Hawk, or possibly farther south near Nags Head. Wherever you are in the Outer Banks NC you’re sure to enjoy yourself, and if you get a chance make a drive along the whole route so that you can experience the full measure of NC hospitality… The dining is superb here, with fresh seafood and local cuisine for the taking. Whether you have a taste for extremely fine dining or just a neighborhood seafood bar, there is plenty here to delight your taste buds.

Camping, Fishing, and Hang Gliding in the Outer Banks NC...

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, try out the Kitty Hawk hang gliding school or experience. You can either work with an instructor on the extremely tall sand dunes where Orville and Wilbur Wright flew the first plane, or try your hand at the ultimate ultralight tandem trip with an instructor at 2,000 feet! Both are great, but you will work much harder if you choose the sand dunes, because remember, someone has to actually bring the hang glider UP the dune! So be prepared to sweat a little…

Camping can be incredibly fun in the Outer Banks NC, and you can set your tent right up close to the beach and hear the waves crashing all night long… However, beware the state bird of North Carolina, the dreaded mosquito! I’m telling you, as soon as the sun went down the largest mosquitoes I’ve ever seen came out to visit there on the beach… I’ve seen some big mosquitoes before down in Florida, but they were nothing compared to these monsters! Just a warning, try to get your tent set up before sundown if at all possible, and make sure to keep it zipped at all times… You’ll be sure to have a good night’s sleep without any unwanted visitors then.

Wild Horses of Corolla

Driving On The Beach in the Outer Banks NC...

If you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle with tow hooks in front, go ahead and try driving out onto the beach in the Outer Banks NC as long as you can find a road or path that is being used. There is one near Oregon Inlet, but be ready because the sand can be a foot or more deep! There will usually be tire tracks already dug in, two going out and two coming back in, so make sure you get into the right set… You should see all kinds of sights and wonders on the drive out, including many things that have been washed up or into shore. Once you reach a good location (you’ll probably already see others fishing there), go ahead and park and relax for awhile, or set up your fishing gear. Shore fishing is very popular in the NC Outer Banks, and it’s a great way to decompress for a little while.

There are also many great attractions here in the Outer Banks NC, including historic lighthouses that you can tour or visit. Some of them will let you walk to the top, but be ready for a workout! They are taller than they look… Interested in ghosts? There are many ghost stories to be told in these parts, and haunted houses or lighthouses to boot. Try one of the ghost tours available, you’ll be sure to get a good scare! Remember, the Outer Banks were home to many a shipwreck over the years, and just offshore it’s known as the graveyard of the Atlantic… Hurricanes tend to track across the Atlantic and then up the coast to North Carolina, and these islands usually get a direct hit every few years at least.

There is a tremendous amount of wind available, so take up kite flying while you are here… Flying them on the beach is a very popular pastime. Down near Nags Head and Ocrakoke Island you will have to take a ferry to get to or from the island, as there isn’t a direct bridge there. It’s an amazing experience though, so give it a try to get out and explore a little… Remember to always take the road less traveled and you’ll put a little bit of adventure back into your life in the Outer Banks NC! Have fun!

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    • scubadoggy profile image

      scubadoggy 7 years ago

      Yes, this was one of the most awesome trips I've ever taken, and definitely the most adventurous!

    • Wavecritter profile image

      Wavecritter 7 years ago from Cocoa Beach

      The Kitty Hawk Hang Gliding sounds intense! What an awesome destination, thanks! =)

    • StarCreate profile image

      StarCreate 7 years ago from Spain

      It sounds really lovely, I don't know this part of the world at all, but your writing really made it real for me, thank you.

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Lovely!!! Great hub! We all should go there.

    • profile image

      Seaside Vacations 7 years ago

      Great post. Thanks for sharing those tips.

      The Outer Banks is the perfect beach vacation...a great combination of peaceful relaxation and fun local activities/attractions; gorgeous beaches, a wide variety of water sports, world-class fishing and surfing, great local art and shopping, delicious local food, history, nature, etc.

      The OBX offers great vacation rental homes for all types of travelers; small beach bungalows to large beach front estates.

      Please let us know if we can help you plan your next trip to the Outer Banks.

      Seaside Vacations

      4820 N. Croatan Hwy

      Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

      (866) 884-0267