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Overland Budget Travel for the Over 30's

Updated on September 17, 2008

Backpacking on for the over 30's and 40's

Overland from Europe to Asia was the original 1960's hippies travelling route. Along the way they invented that backpacking craze which has grown to a huge international phenomenon supporting many publishing empires and tour companies along the way - which I find kinda ironic! I didn't quite make the 1960's trail - being fully involved with primary school at the time and didn't hit the road until well into the 1980's.

At that time, in my mid-20's I was quite old compared to many I travelling with. Twenty years later I still travel and still refuse to go on package tours or stay in 4 star hotels (well not unless I really, really want to or someone else is paying that is!) and what I notice is that I am not the only over-40 year old in the hostel - and some of my fellow hostelers are definitely in the retirement age bracket!

When I recently travelled in Vietnam I found that I tended to stay in different places from the backpacker "ghettos" as advertised in the Lonely Planet guide but often ended up paying the same as for a lot less "hard sell" hassle that Vietnam is notorious for amongst budget travellers. The tricks I'd learnt the hard way when I first travelled seemd to have missed the newer backpackers - probably because they are bombared by easy pre-packaged options. In one case when getting off a backpacker bus we were the only 2 from about 40 or 50 on the bus that insisted on getting off in what was clearly was the centre of town - the guide was insisting that there was a "better place" to stop a little down the road (obviously the hotel that paid the best commission) but we followed the Vietnamanese off the bus and insisted on getting our bags as well. All of this took a good 5 minutes of arguement and during that time not one of the other backpackers made any move to get off! I just hope they didn't complain when they got stuck at the out of the way hotel of choice!

Market sellers, Hoi An, Vietnam
Market sellers, Hoi An, Vietnam


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    • profile image

      Graham 6 years ago

      So bored I get a small police pension and only work part time as a RGN nurse for extra cash. I'm 47 divorced twice and think I want to run off and travel tried it in 2000 and it was a bit of a kid scene any advice ?

    • profile image

      Kyle 6 years ago

      Great story, I would love to go on an overland trip like this.

    • profile image

      IndoVillas 6 years ago

      Nice story! Sometimes you have to gamble to get the best out of your travels=)

    • hospitalera profile image

      hospitalera 7 years ago

      Lol, Lissie, me also wants to know! Who stole your Imodium? ;-) SY

    • profile image

      Mr E 9 years ago

      Over the years I've done a noticable bit of travel myself, much of that strapped to the underside of a backpack. Now, being on the wrong side of 50 the travel has slowed and I find I enjoy it that way. Having said that I can't say I have much interest in your "how tos" of travel though I would like to hear some of your travel stories (if they're fit to print in public). You seem to have been to quite a few spots on the globe and I'm sure there are some interesting naratives waiting to be set free. A challenge, lets hear about your

      - scariest incidents (oh my god,the hotel just ran out of clean towels...!!)

      - biggest suprise locations (hey, this place is WAY better than I expected)

      - days you'd rather forget (...who stole my imodium...)

      - funniest things that have happened to you

      - most embarassing moments

      - any interesting characters your met and what made them interesting

      Given the rules of your web site I guess you had better leave out thr R rated versions (which is probably another good thread in itself). The glove has been cast down, do you accept the challenge?