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Top Packing Tips for a Beach Weekend Getaway

Updated on September 11, 2014
Image used under a paid license
Image used under a paid license | Source

How To Pack So That You Can Enjoy Your Beach Getaway!

I am sure you will agree with me that there is nothing quite like a Beach Getaway!

When I was a child we were very fortunate in that we had a Summer home right beside the golden sands of a beautiful beach on the Llyen Peninsula in Wales.

As soon as we finished school for the summer holidays we set off and then spent many wonderful days as a family exploring the peninsula and enjoying many days on the beach.

That love of being by the sea has stayed with me ever since. One day I am certain that we will move to live back by the sea.

For now, we are just 45 minutes from either a number of quiet coves with golden sands or a bustling seaside town or two which means we can spend a lot of time by the sea.

Whether you love the quiet or the noise of a busy seaside town everyone can have fun at the beach whether you're a water lover or not. There are lots of activities and events you can participate in when you're at the beach.

It's not always just splashing, surfing and wading in the water. If friends or family are planning a trip to the beach soon, below are some awesome alternatives that you can participate in if you don't necessarily feel like taking a dip in the sea.

One Of Our Favorite Beaches On The Lleyn Peninsula in Wales

The Essential Beach Packing Checklist

So you have a big beach trip planned this weekend and all you have in your little backpack is a towel and your bathing suit. Those items are OK if you don't mind coming back home dehydrated and sunburned.

For a more efficient packing, below is a beach packing checklist of all the things you should bring with you to the beach. So toss that itty bitty back pack of yours and reach for that oversize beach bag or tote your mom got you for your birthday last year. Finally, she gave you something you could actually use and wear.

If you want to guarantee a fun and exciting time at the beach, be sure to have the following items with you:

A Change of Clothes. Unless you plan on wearing your swimsuit the entire time, having a change of clean and dry clothes with you will allow you to be more comfortable. After all, how comfortable is wearing wet, sandy clothes all day long? Especially if you're going to do something else afterwards like eat at a restaurant or walk around the mall.

Flip Flops. There's no better feet attire then the good ole' flip flop when it comes to the beach scene. Flips flops are soft, flexible and open which means as easily as sand gets in, you can easily let it out. Plus it's so much easier to clean and it dries faster than sneakers and closed sandals.

Beach Towel. Beach towels are called beach towels for a reason. They're thicker and much larger than regular towels which make them efficient for lying on, drying your body and providing nice sand-less surface for all your electronic devices, personal belongings and food.

Sunglasses. There are three elements that make up the beach scene; water, sand and sun. And the last in that list will definitely shine big and bright when you're at the beach during the day. So shield your eyes from the blinding brightness and protect them from UV rays with dark sunglasses. This will guarantee you won't have to go the rest of the day constantly squinting your eyes or walking over sun bathers.

Oversize Hat. Another great protector from the sun. Not only will an oversize hat provide shade from the sun and UV rays, but it can also protect your face from the sand and UFOs (unexpected flying objects) such as Frisbees and beach balls.

Beach Umbrella. Beach umbrellas are now available in more portable and foldable designs which make them more convenient to tote around the beach. They'll keep you shaded, cool and also provide privacy from other beach goers.

Beach Chair. Sometimes you might not want to use your beach towel as a seating mat, in which case a beach chair will come in real handy. They're comfortable, portable and provide other conveniences such as a drink holder or a net for personal belongings.

Sun Block. We can't stress enough how important it is to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Put sun block over any exposed areas of your body and be sure to get the highest SPF possible because when it comes to burning things to a crisp, the sun is no respecter of persons.

A Plastic Bag. It's inevitable that something is going to get wet at the beach and that might be your swim suit, your beach towel, or even your favorite book you thought you would read. And to be sure that everything else that's dry stays dry; it's good to have a separate bag or plastic bag to put all your wet sandy items in.

Plenty of Drinking Water. Even though trillions of gallons of water will be freely accessible and within your reach, none of it is drinkable unfortunately. So be sure to bring a lot of drinking water in bottles or containers so that you can stay cool and hydrated under the beach sun.

Fun At The Beach Getaway

What Do You Most Enjoy Doing On Your Beach Getaway?

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Our Top Seven Ideas For Fun At The Beach!

  • Build a sand castle and/or enter a sand castle building contest. There's nothing like creating architectural masterpieces from sand and water. And if you don't have any engineering skills then piling heaps of wet sand that sort of resembles a caveman's dwelling is great fun too. Just don't join any contests because you most likely won't win (unless one of the judges is a caveman).
  • Walk or jog on the beach shore. Going to the beach is also a good opportunity to get in a little exercise. Beach shores run long and continuous which makes them an ideal track to jog on or leisurely walk on.
  • Sunbathe. Maybe it's about time you exchanged that winter blush of yours for something with a little more summer glow. Sit or lie back for a golden, tanned perfection. It's free and you don't have to worry about turning orange. Just be sure you wear plenty of sun block and set a timer so you don't turn red.
  • Collect seashells (if allowed). If the beach doesn't prohibit it, walk around the shore in search of beautiful unique shells that you can use for crafts projects or to add to your collection.
  • Go shopping. You can peruse the beach shops and souvenir sellers that are located near the beach or at a nearby by shopping center. Buy a beach souvenir, funky shell jewelry, or maybe it's about time you replaced that outdated swim suit of yours.
  • Dine at nearby beach restaurants and eateries. If you've already ramsacked your cooler for all things edible then try local restaurants that line the beach shore or check out food vendors and food carts that usually go up and down the beach. You don't plan on swimming anyways so eat as much as you want.
  • Relax and catch up on your beauty sleep. But be sure you are efficiently shaded from the sun so napping under a beach umbrella or in your beach tent would probably be best. Because you don't want to wake up sun burnt to a crisp.

Play Beach Volleyball

Image used under a Paid License
Image used under a Paid License | Source

Take Your Own Beach Volleyball Equipment

Whilst you are at the beach why not join in a volleyball game? There's almost always a volleyball game going on at the beach and if you're not timid, politely ask to join in.

The more the merrier, but be sure that you at least have some playing skills, otherwise you might just make the other players mad if you're always missing the volleyball.

Alternatively if there is a group of you going or the family are all together on the beach why not take some beach volleyball equipment with you. Then you can play beach volleyball and not worry about how good a player you are!

How to Make a Beach Vacation Packing List

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Are You Planning A Beach Getaway This Year?

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    • pkmcr profile image

      pkmcr 4 years ago from Cheshire UK

      Thanks Lisa and you are right there is alway something we forget isn't there!

    • lisa42 profile image

      lisa42 4 years ago from Sacramento

      Great list. A plastic bag is essential and I forget to bring one at least half the time. I always regret it!

    • pkmcr profile image

      pkmcr 4 years ago from Cheshire UK

      That sounds wonderful and yes you are right it is so easy to forget something in all the excitement of getting away!

    • profile image

      Christy Zutautas 4 years ago

      Great beach tips, it's important to remember to pack all of the essentials. Every summer I spend some time at Wasaga Beach, it is beautiful there:)