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Tea Time in San Francisco at The Palace Hotel

Updated on May 24, 2012

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5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Palace Hotel Tea

The Garden Court in the Palace Hotel, San Francisco CA

I went to the Palace Hotel in San Francisco for Tea this weekend at the Garden Court Tea room. It's a beautiful big room that has recently been remodeled, lots of colored glass that rains sunlight and painted ornately with lots of tables. The crowd was mostly older women with several tables celebrating birthdays.

  • For Garden Court reservations, call (415) 546-5089

Pictures of the Palace Hotel Tea Room

Palace Hotel Tea room ceiling
Palace Hotel Tea room ceiling
Palace Hotel Tea room entrance
Palace Hotel Tea room entrance

Tea Desserts

Palace Hotel Tea Food

They have three or four plates that you can order. Prices ranged from $40 on up. We all had the $40 dollar plate that came with a mixture of small sandwiches. One three had meat (beef, turkey, salmon) and the others were cucumber, and apple. It also included a selection of cookies and chocolates. The cookies were pretty rich. After about five of them I was full.

Overall, the food is OK. The sweets overpower the sandwiches which made me feel a little queasy. But, it was my fault for over doing the sweets. I would prefer a few more sandwiches and less sweets.

There is a selection of four teas. It's all you can drink pretty much. Everyone gets an Individual pot that is refilled during the tea which I like.

The Tea Sandwiches

Palace Hotel Tea Grand Piano

Palace Tea Ambiance

The room is spectacular. The accoustics also make it comfortable to talk in a normal voice. And, the soft sound of the grand piano in the background make the whole experience very relaxing.

The staff is attentive and does everything but rush you out. So, it's a great place to take your mom or friends to eat a little, but mostly talk.

Directions to the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA

A marker2 New Montgomery Street · San Francisco, CA 94105 -
2 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
get directions

2 New Montgomery Street · San Francisco, CA 94105 Palace Hotel in Downtown San Francisco, CA is a short walk from the Montgomery BART station

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      • MrHunter profile image

        MrHunter 6 years ago from Highway 24

        Good style, strong detail, right length. I'll be back.

      • 6hotfingers3 profile image

        6hotfingers3 6 years ago

        Great Hub! I hope to visit this place on my next trip to the City By the Bay. Thank you for your elegant and enticing photography. Keep up the good work!

      • VioletSun profile image

        VioletSun 9 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

        I visited San Francisco for the first time in the 80's with my girlfriend and loved it so much, I went back to visit  two more times. On my next  visit will check the tea room.

      • amulets profile image

        amulets 9 years ago from Singapore

        It is a great place to enjoy a nice cup of tea. Hope to visit when I have the chance.

      • PlayaNorte profile image

        PlayaNorte 9 years ago from San Francisco, CA

        This would be a great idea before or after a museum trip to SF MOMA since it is very close. Also great for family who are visiting from out of town.

      • Paul Edmondson profile image

        Paul Edmondson 9 years ago from Burlingame, CA

        Yes, the Garden Court serves scones with the tea. It comes with three delicious spreads. One cream spread. A lemon spread. Sort of like lemon pie. And. A sugary spread. All three are great. But. The lemon was my favorite. How could I forget:)

      • freedomcreator profile image

        freedomcreator 9 years ago from Larkspur, Colorado

        Hi Paul,

        I love tea! We have made it a custom with my grandmother, mother, and now my little girls to go every year at Christmas to the Brown Palace in downtown Denver. The pictures you put up were spectacular! If you're ever in the Denver area (especially around Christmas, because they have an absolutely gigantic crystal chandelier that's only put up at that time, as well as beautiful Christmas decorations) you should check out tea. I truly appreciate the review of the food and the atmosphere as well. My only question is, where are the scones? It can't be tea without scones! I agree though, I prefer more sandwiches to sweets.

      • Passionatepurpose profile image

        Passionatepurpose 9 years ago from T.X.

        What a great place to take my mom! It seems like something from her generation, when people actually cared about ambience. gREAT PICTURES!

      • jacobworld profile image

        Jakub Wawrzyniak 9 years ago from Ireland

        hi Mate . Nice aericle you should put it on my website LOL

        Good work

      • abowie profile image

        abowie 9 years ago from San Francisco

        I'll have to check this out! I love tea!

      • reversefunnelsyst profile image

        reversefunnelsyst 9 years ago from Nashville


        I love teas. I think having a good tea is better than any sweets to enjoy aromas! I love High Tea and just having a nice scone with it is enough for me. Teas are big t hing in Russia and we enjoy tea any time of the year even it is hot outside

        THank you for sharing. There is a great magazine calle Tea Time.

        I love to find places around us that have great tea rooms!

        Thank you for sharing!

        Tatyana Gann

      • Paul Edmondson profile image

        Paul Edmondson 9 years ago from Burlingame, CA

        I'd think you would like it. It's only two blocks from our office as well located on the corner of New Montgomery and Market.

      • Ralph Deeds profile image

        Ralph Deeds 9 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

        We'll have to try it next time we're in town.