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Panama Hotels

Updated on April 12, 2010

Panama Hotels

Panama City Panama
Panama City Panama
Panama Hotels
Panama Hotels

Panama Hotels

Panama: The Path Less Travelled

t's a great slogan for a great country! But if you don't know much about Panama your first thought is probably, 'What are the Panama Hotels like?' It's only natural. When we venture out of our comfort zone and our home land we all want to be prepared and our first thoughts are often about comfort.

But Panama?

When most people think of travelling to Latin America they probably think Mexico and maybe Costa Rica. For decades a lot of promotional dollars, in fact millions of advertising dollars, have been spent to lure American's to these tropical locales. But with it's small budget Panama is often overlooked if thought of at all. But recently North American's (U.S. and Canadian) have been venturing further south and have started to discover this beautiful and in many ways untouched paradise. Most are surprised to learn how 'first world' Panama truly is. And the Hotels in Panama are no exception. All of the big names are there: InterContinental boasts two 5 star hotels with Playa Bonita and the Miramar. Marriott has the Marriott Panama City and the Courtyard Marriott Panama Real plus you will find the Crown Plaza, Radisson, Sheraton and even the American favourite, Country Inn and Suites. But those are just a few of the many Panama Hotels.

Cheap Hotels In Panama

For those who are 'budget minded' there are plenty of local brands to chose from and many offer clean, safe accommodations in Panama. In Panama City El Panama Hotel; El Parador and Hotel Marbella are popular choices. Of course for even lower budget there are numerous Hostels throughout Panama City

Isla Grande Panama Hotels

When venturing to the Atlantic Coast the City of Portobello with it's historic sites and Colon with it's 'Free Zone' attract different types of visitors. Colon is not exactly attractive as a tourist location but businessmen who need to meet and do work in the Free Trade Zone still need a place to stay. The historical Hotel Washington continues to be a favourite. For those more interested in beaches, history and fun in the sun Portobello and the hotels and inns of Isla Grande are more popular. Probably the most popular Isla Grande Hotel is the all-inclusive resort: Bananas Village Resort

Playa Blanca Panama Hotels

Playa Blanca is the Pacific Panama Beach area beginning about 90 minutes drive west of Panama City. Here you will find major all-inclusive resorts like Decameron Panama and the Playa Blanca Beach Resort. The latest addition to this Panama Beach Party is SuperClubs Breezes Panama and next year Nikki Beach is scheduled to open a new resort development. Before reaching the Playa Blanca Resorts, Coronado is an area which has been popular with wealthy local Panamanians for decades. Here the Coronado Golf and Beach Resorts caters to locals and tourists alike.

Boquete Panama Hotels

Travelling much further west almost to the border of Costa Rica is the now very popular ex-pat community of Boquete. But this is not a beach town. Boquete is located high up in the Chiriqui Highlands where the air is fresh, clean and cool. A few years back Boquete was honoured with the designation of being the 3rd best place in the world to retire. This has brought baby-boomers in drives to the area so it's not surprising to learn that Boquete Hotels number over 40 hotels of different shapes and sizes and to fit any budget.

Panama Hotels

Playa Blanca Hotel & Resort
Playa Blanca Hotel & Resort
Hotel Fundadores Boquete
Hotel Fundadores Boquete

The Best Panama Hotels

Where have you found the best Panama Hotels?

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Bristol Hotel Panama

Royal Decameron Panama


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    • PAMark profile image

      PAMark 7 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama

      Thanks Jen. I'm really enjoying your HUBs. One topic, and I'll suggest this on your HUB too, is about outsourcing - where & how to hire writers to help produce for quality content for my HUBs, blogs and websites. It's a lot fo work for one person!

    • profile image

      jenp123 7 years ago

      Thanks for the comment! Let me know if you want other suggestions for good books about improving your writing. I'm actually working on a hub about Bocas, too. How to travel cheap in Bocas, actually. Should be done with it tonight...

    • profile image

      jenp123 7 years ago

      I stayed at Eclypse de Mar in Bocas del Toro not too long ago. Beautiful bungalows over the water! I recommend writing about it/checking it out.

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 7 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Great hub! I spent a many of Spring Breaks as a teenager many years ago there...They didn't have as many luxuries as they do now...

    • haaris_1 profile image

      haaris_1 7 years ago

      WOW ... beautiful pics :) Thanks for sharing. Nice hub

    • PanamaPaul profile image

      PanamaPaul 7 years ago from Toronto

      I've just been in Panama once for a short time but found the hotels in Panama City to be fantastic - first class! Like your HUB - a great idea and hope you build on it.

    • PartyPlannerDeb profile image

      PartyPlannerDeb 7 years ago

      More great stuff about Panama Mark. Hope you expand this and give us more details on Panama Hotels.