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Particularly Pinoy

Updated on May 17, 2016
Philippines | Source

Following are some Pinoy Peculiarities, habits, acts, and words distinctly Pinoy :)

Read the eyebrows!

Filos love to say "yes" by raising their eyebrows. They also show approval by doing the same. They display perplexity and surprise by doing the same. And yeah, they like to play cutesy by doing the same :)

"Po" and "Opo"

These end much of their sentences, well, respectful and traditional ones do. "Po" is attached to a person's oral communication with an older or positionally superior person. "Opo" is a respectful way of saying "Yes". "Hindi po." is a respectful way of saying "No."


"Groupie Style"

Filipinoss love to go in groups.

Yes, even for females, stops to the toilet require a companion. Expect a Pinay to invite at least one other person to accompany her to the toilet each time.

Seeing off friends and family at the airport, as well as welcoming them back are done groupie style. That's why airport authorities have instituted the "no long waiting" and "2 minute loading time" rule at the drop-off area; it's because Pinoys take a long time saying goodbye. Decades ago, a lot of delays were caused by well-wishers lounging at the entry and exit points of the airport.


Pinoys always say "Kain!" or "Kain tayo!" everytime somebody comes, passes by, or drops by in the middle of their meal or snack. Even if there's only one small piece of food item there, expect to get offered and invited to take a bite. You may decline out of courtesy as well.

However, if you get offered a second and a third time, it means they really want you to join in.


Unlimited Kanin!

Filipinos just love rice. White rice is staple, you have it at each meal time. Pinoys love frequenting food places that offer unlimited servings of rice.

Habitual Hagglers

Pinoys don't mean to be rude but it's just customary for them to ask, and even bug sellers for the last price, that is, even if they have no intention of buying. Decided buyers tend to haggle as much as they can for that best price.



Pinoys have this for breakfast and snack. It goes well with almost any partner: eggs, butter, cheeze spread, liver spread, and even ice cream!

Long Goodbyes

Pinoys say goodbye in installment. When you're at a friend's house and you declare your intention to retire for the night, that's just goodbye number 1. You have to declare it a number of times more. Upon rising to leave and exit the door, you'd probably be standing at the doorway for a good 10 - 15 minutes before you can actually proceed to leave. Upon reaching the main gate or parking lot, expect to spend a good 10-15 minutes more chitchatting before finally being able to leave. Sometimes, there's one final chitchat at the gate or at the road outside before goodbyes are finally done and over with.


Comments about Weight

Weight is actually a sensitive matter among most Filipinos, but, almost all bring it up everytime. It's part of every conversation. It's mostly an opener. Surely, in one day of being outside, at least one person will comment about you losing or gaining weight. There will be at least one comment about you being thin or fat, or, thinner or fatter than before.


Basketball Hoops in Every Corner

Filipinos just love basketball. It's a past time for many boys and girls. Locals don't seem to outgrow the love and appreciation for the sport. Others keep the hobby as a form of exercise, for staying fit. Every barangay (basic local government unit) has a basketball court made available for people within the community.


Billiards / Pool all around

Like basketball, playing pool or billiards is another favorite pastime activity. When it's hot outside, many Pinoys opt to play billiards in stead. A lot of businesses are into pool table rentals. You'd be able to find a playing area nearby.


Karaoke anytime, anywhere

Karaoke is affordable and accessible to anyone, anytime. There seems to be no observed time of singing, you can hear locals give it all for the high notes, even during the wee hours of the morning. Where there's beer offered, expect a sing-along machine in use.


Sari-Sari Stores Everywhere

Sari-Sari store is your local convenience or variety store. It is normally found on every street. A lot of times, they're closely located to each other. If you run out of some basic stuff, you'll find it there.

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