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Pattaya Buffet Breakfast Review

Updated on May 6, 2011

The Pattaya Buffet Breakfast

The Pattaya Buffet Breakfast is something of an institution to some people and they will eat it every day. Breakfast is an important meal and a substantial meal can get you right through the day, or most of it. For the purposes of the Pattaya Buffet Breakfast review I am considering the budget. I believe it is ridiculous to consider paying the 250 Thai Baht and more which some establishments ask when you can purchase an 'All You Can Eat' meal for less than half that amount.

All of the Buffet Breakfasts reviewed here have cost less than 120 Thai Baht. All of them are 'All You Can Eat' and offer a huge choice of well prepared good quality food. If one considers at the average 'American Breakfast' costs 110 Thai Baht one wonders why some people bother. At any one of Buffet Breakfasts reviewed here you can eat almost exactly the same food four times over and accompany it with three cups of coffee for exactly the same or a lesser price.

Diana Dragon Guesthouse Buffet Breakfast - 105 Thai Baht

The Diana Dragon Guesthouse is located towards the top of Soi Diana where it meets Soi Bukhao. It is a neat, tidy and clean covered open air establishment. The restaurant is popular and has a steady flow
through of clientele of all nationalities. The staff are friendly and polite. I noted that they greeted some visitors with "Bonjour" which suggests they were customers they knew and it was nice that they had learned the French.

The Diana Dragon offers an International 'All You Can Eat' Breakfast Buffet for just 105 Thai Baht. This is tremendously good value for money.

The breakfast is available daily from 07.00 to 12.00 so if you are not a breakfast eater you could call it an early lunch and eat at 11.00.

Customers just take a plate and help themselves and then choose where they wish to sit. The waitress will then bring the bill to the table.

There is an immense choice of food available and every taste is catered for.

Unlimited refills of coffee are included in the price. I noted that the 'house coffee' normally sells at 45 Baht a cup, so three morning coffees is a really good deal because they would already have cost more than the 105 Baht deal without even moving on to the food. I am very fussy about my coffee and I was fairly happy with the coffee here.

There was a choice of 4 different cereals, fresh milk, orange juice, coffee with creamer or milk. Fresh fruit included banana, pineapple, papaya, watermelon, dragonfruit

There was a nice salad selection cold sweetcorn, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and more

Choice of bread in four different types. Can be toasted and there is butter and a selection of jam and marmalade

Newspapers, now that is something every breakfast needs.

Boiled eggs and they will fry or scramble on request.

Moving away from the normal 'British type' breakfast type options there are seven hot food options which can be mixed and matched. So you could in fact have spaghetti bolognaise or Thai food with rice.

Dragon Breakfast

Apex Hotel Buffet Breakfast - 110 Thai Baht

The Apex Hotel Buffet Breakfast offers what is undoubtedly the biggest range of choices out of all the breakfasts reviewed here. They certainly have the longest food counter and the most tables for customers. They also do a steady trade.

The breakfast here is available from 07.00 - 13.30 so, with the choice of hot foods available you could actually forget about breakfast and call it lunch.

Customers walk in and give their money to the cashier who gives a dated ticket in exchange. The customer then finds a table and places the ticket in the pot on the table. This sort of reserves the table. The customer would then go and serve themselves. There is both hot and cold food and many of the food items are not really breakfast fare at all. This is perfect for the city which never sleeps.

Someone will come along at some point and check the customers ticket. Meanwhile they can replenish their dish as many times as they like.

Apex Hotel

Lek Hotel Buffet Breakfast - 110 Thai Baht

The Lek Hotel describes their Buffet Breakfast as 'The Best Buffet in Town'. It is available from 07.00 to 13.00 every day. The Lek Hotel buffet breakfast is served at their poolside coffee house.This is a pleasant opensided fan area which could seat perhaps 200 people at a time. Clean and neat it is pleasant place to sit and relax.

The breakfast is 'all you can eat' for just 110 Thai Baht. Not as much on offer as the Apex Hotel but still more than enough to satisfy all but the pickest of people. There is much to suggest that there is a catering connection between the Lex and the Apex and they also have identical breakfast coupons which state 'The Best Breakfast in Town'.

The offers 20 hot, freshly cooked dishes, including some Thai dishes. Potatoes are offered in different styles and eggs are on offer fried, boiled or scrambled.

The salad range has no less than 10 choices and there is a variety of dressings to go with these. There is also a variety of cold meat cuts.

There is a choice of breads and you camn toast your own bread. There are cereals and a fresh fruits (including a tasty fruit salad). Unusually for a breakfast there are cakes too

To wash it all down there is unlimited coffee, tea, fresh milk and orange and pineapple juice.

Entrance to Lek Hotel

Serve Yourself Breakfast - Lek Hotel

Breakfast Coupon - Lek Hotel

Sawasdee Sea View Buffet Breakfast - 99 Thai Baht


The Sawasdee breakfast at 99 Thai baht is undoubtedly the cheapest buffet breakfast in town. Sadly it shows. As a none resident you simply hand your 99 Baht to the waitress and choose a table. It is likely you will hand over a hundred Baht note. Don't expect any change.

The dining are is open on one side and is a very relaxed atmosphere The tables and everything is clean neat and tidy. The waitresses are pleasant and quick and efficient in their work. The food items on offer are very limited. If all you want is coffee, sausages, eggs and toast and jam then this may just the place for you and at 99 Thai baht that is still a good deal. There is more on offer though including fresh fruit and Thai food. It would however be far more worthwhile to spend that extra 10 Thai baht and have a much wider choice.

The Sawasdee Sea View can be found halfway along Soi 10 between Beach Road and Second Road.

Sawasdee Sea View

The 99 Thai Baht Buffet Breakfast

Soi Diana Inn Buffet Breakfast 110 Thai Baht


The Soi Diana Inn is located at the bottom of Soi Diana where it meets Second Road.

I suppose the close proximity of the Soi Diana Inn to the Lek and Apex Hotels should have been a warning. The food here was obviously cooked by the same chefs. The choice was more limited too. The breakfast period at the Soi Diana Inn runs from 07.00 - 10.00

At 110 Baht it is still a really good deal for 'All you can eat' but really I would go for the wider choice on offer over at Apex. One of the benefits to the Diana Inn however is it is not as crowded. Again open sided and much less modern than its 'sister' buffet establishments.

Final Note

Without a doubt the 'All You Can Eat' Buffet breakfast is tremendous value for money and you can really fill up for the day. Although the range of foods on offer is quite wide it does all have a bit of a 'sameness' to it making one crave for a Full English Breakfast which again can be a very good deal for around the same price.

As to the best of those reviewed above, well the Diana Dragon Guesthouse was best for me. Not because the food on offer was any better but because it had a friendlier more personal feel to it. The newspapers were a plus, it was one of the cheapest and the coffee was none too bad either. Sticking with the coffee this place offered creamer as an alternative and I much prefer that.

The Pattaya Hubs

Learn more about Pattaya from THE PATTAYA HUBS


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  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia

    Thanks Edwin. Good choice of Thai food in both venues too. Definitely the same cooks cooking for both though.

  • Edwin Clark profile image

    Edwin Clark 6 years ago from Thailand by way of New York

    I've eaten at Apex's breakfast buffet and had the dinner buffet at Lek Hotel. Personally I prefer the dinner buffet at Lek Hotel. It was cheap too, as I recall it was around 120 baht. It was a very good international spread and I particularly remember the pork loin with stuffing. Lek Hotel's buffet is worth the trip alone from Bangkok.

  • pattayalover profile image

    pattayalover 6 years ago

    Nice place for recommendation

  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia

    Hello, hello, - Ha Ha

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

    Some people live the life of Father Riley.