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Pattaya to Phuket by Bus

Updated on July 16, 2011

Pattaya to Phuket by Bus

In 2010 it became possible to travel from Pattaya to Phuket by bus. Previously it was necessary to travel first to Bangkok and then take a catch a bus from there.

Most people are put off by the idea of a bus journey of over 1000 Km but it is the cheapest option. Many would argue that flying is only a little bit more expensive and undoubtedly a lot quicker. This said there are those travelling with families where every extra Thai Baht counts. In actual fact flying will be at leasr double the cost of the bus unless you are lucky enough to land a very cheap deal.

Then again there is the opportunity to look out of the window (though much of the trip is in the dark) on your journey and see something of the Thai countryside that you would miss altogether when flying. There is also the 'adventure' side to the journey which air travel lacks.

There is currently one modern air conditioned bus per day which leaves from Pattaya at six in the evening from Pattaya North Road. The bus stop is located opposite the Thanachart Bank.

The bus arrives in Phuket at 08.00 the following morning.

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The Pattaya - Phuket - Pattaya 777 Bus

The bus service is operated by The Sawasdee All Thai Co., Ltd

The bus has 42 seats altogether. 36 are in the Economy class and the remainder in VIP.

First Class Economy seats cost 848 Thai Baht

VIP seats cost 1131 Thai Baht

Seats can be booked by visiting the office on North Pattaya Road.

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