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Pedaling Into An Adventure Vacation

Updated on August 2, 2011
Bicyclists bond on their adventurous trip
Bicyclists bond on their adventurous trip | Source

Looking to add adventure to your next vacation? Then hit the roads on your bicycle, explore local culture and visit some almost undiscovered gems through Italy and Norway. Ciclismo Classico sports trips that bring together bicycle excursions and vacation and each tour is designed to bring out the best of the region, all while bringing together history, beautiful scenery and an active day.

“I think there really is something about the sensory experience of a bicycle tour that really gets people engaged mentally,” said Lauren Hefferon, CEO of Ciclismo Classico

Bike Across Italy

Pedal your way to see picturesque Italy through this unique trip that passes through four of Italy’s most beautiful regions; Le Marche, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria and Tuscany.

“I call this tour ‘Central Italy's favorite hill towns’,” says Hefferon. “We visit several very historic towns such as Urbino, Gubbio, Assisi, Todi and Orvieto as well as lots of tiny hill towns, each with a fascinating history. Since 1990 it has been one of our best selling tours.”

Within in its long run as a trip, both one-time visitors to the region and frequenter’s to Italy have enjoyed this trip.

“It is a wonderful tour for Italiophiles because, pedal stroke by pedal stroke, we will take you behind the scenes of the Italian history and culture,” says Hefferon. “The guides that lead this tour have years of experience leading this itinerary and will show even the most frequent visitor fascinating glimpses into each region.”

These guides will also help bridge any language gap for non-frequenters so participants can really experience Italy.

Beginning on the Adriatic Coast in the small resort town of Fano activists roll inland along rivers, deep carved ravines and lush mountains to Urbino. Cyclists brake for a moment to take in the scenic sight of one of Italy’s largest known caves, Grotte di Frasassi.

Lauren Hefferon rolls through regions for an adventure
Lauren Hefferon rolls through regions for an adventure | Source

Pushing things back into gear, the active vacationers roll through the peaceful region of Umbria, which has inspired poets and painters like Dante and Rapheal, only to head to the friar-filled streets and the birthplace of St. Francis.

This 11-day trip continues to take participants on a winding course through Italy, viewing the Volcanic plateau and magnificent cathedral in Orvieto, coasting through the poppy and orchid fields of Costa D’ Argento and enjoying excellent seafood in Monte Argentario.

“From seeing underground worlds built by Etruscans to fantastically beautiful Gothic cathedrals, the Italians are proud of what they have to share with us,” says Hefferon. “We make sure our guests get to experience the best of each place.”

As an intermediate course, this tour is an experience for riders who are no stranger to the pedals.

“This tour is best suited for cyclists that are comfortable with rolling terrain and longer climbs,” says Hefferon. “The bikes are geared to handle going up. There are extra loop options for those who want to gain more elevation and (typically) ride longer miles for the day.”

With no two days alike and a riding blend of culture and activities, this tour is to the delight of adventurists.

“Our guides made us feel as though we were visitors in their home (Italy), not simply tourists,” said a bike enthusiast and participant.

Cyclists roll into an adventure
Cyclists roll into an adventure | Source

Pedal to Lofton

Turning to the North, participants switch gears in this trip to enjoy the beautiful small fishing village communities.

“It is a stunning archipelago with roads that roll gently in and out of incredible mountain peaks,” says Hefferon. “It is the land of the midnight sun and perfect of active people who love to be outdoors around the clock.”

Covering more than 200 miles by bike, outdoor lovers venture down the quiet roads rolling along fjords with guide and trip designer Sandro Della Mea, a native Norwegian. With his years of experience he shows visitors a behind-the-scene look from everything like enjoying authentic Lofoten cuisine to enjoying the ancient Viking culture that thrived there.

“On our full day fishing trip with a local fisherman, we actually visit the Maelestrom, the world's strongest current,” says Hefferon. “And each night we stay in charming rorbu, renovated fishing cabins overlooking quiet bays.”

Starting out with a ride to the “Venice of Lofoten” (Henningsvaer), the trip winds through the Norway regions of Gimsoy and Brenna to brake to see Norway’s ancient past at the Viking Museum in Borg.

Getting the wheels going again cyclists head down to meet local fisherman and artists, like Tom Wiker, in the Stamsund region. At this stop Wiker shows the cyclists enormous sculptures and how he uses Lofoten light for inspiration in his work.

In the last days of the trip cyclists wheel onto the ferry to visit the fishing village of Nusfjord, discover a mountain lake under a midnight sun and roll into a visit of the cliffs of Hamnoy.

“It is hard to describe the pleasure of riding between small fishing villages far above the Arctic Circle,” said a bicycle participant. “The landscape was striking--soaring mountains diving into the sea--and the marvelous locally sourced fish dinners rival the top seafood restaurants of the world.”

This 8-day trip is best suited for athletic beginners, this trip can be enhanced to satisfy intermediate and advanced cyclists as well.

“We rode quiet roads through mountain and sea vistas between these historic small fishing villages,” said a bicycle and adventure enthusiast. “Here, we ate remarkable fish dinners, visited the land of Vikings, and were transported by our bikes and our adventure.”

Putting the Pedal to the Pavement

As once-in-the-lifetime adventures, these bicycle tours will not only add activity to a vacation, but will inspire participants through its history and cultural diamonds. A true activist's delight!


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    • Kimberly Turner profile image

      Kimberly Quevedo 6 years ago from New Jersey

      BakerRambles: I appreciate your comment! This is definitely a great behind-the-scenes trip and I am glad you enjoyed the article!

    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to read this. You have displayed a very well thought out hub that I'm sure many will appreciate on their next trip to Italy. The fact that you based cycling as a better alternative to driving is beyond exceptional, this I feel is needed when one is to truly see the sights of the unknown world situated just beneath our noses. Thank you once again for this wonderful experience, I'm voting up and useful, and I'm your newest fan!