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Pendleton County, West Virginia

Updated on November 23, 2009

Photographs from Pendleton County, West Virginia

These are just a few of the photos taken from my hunting trip in mid-October in Pendleton County, West Virginia. It was an amazing experience. For all you city folk that have never seen clean water or smogless skies, I highly recommend this trip.

In the area (as you can see in a few photos) are the Seneca Rocks, and I believe the Smokehole Caverns are in nearby Grant County, if memory serves me. The Smokehole Caverns, as said by locals, was used as a cache for moonshiners during prohibition.

There is evidence of the Native Americans of the Archaic Period that may have camped frequently near Seneca Creek at the base of the rocks. The Great Indian Warpath, known locally as the "Seneca Trail", followed the Potomac River, allowing the Algonquin, Tuscarora, and Seneca nations to facilitate trade and war strategies.


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    • profile image

      Roger Mirth 7 years ago

      Your photographs are AMAZING. That, and what I can tell from your other hubs, you have a rich talent for explaining things. WE NEED MORE OF YOUR HUBS!