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Personification Oceanside.

Updated on October 4, 2009

Ocean poems

"Persunification Ocean side."



The seashore's a cookie

the greatest treat ever

sun-baked soft, and golden

and liberally sprinkled

with bright, colored pieces.

Scattered like confetti

tossed by Mother Nature

in a casual wave

over each grain of sand.

The ocean's a toddler

voraciously hungry

as it nibbles small bits

from each sugary edge.

Then biting off large chunks

it leaps, and cavorts

as it washes them down with

a frothy concoction,

lapping up every crumb

in a splash of green tea.

The seashore's a cookie

the ocean's a toddler

I smile as I watch them

interact endlessly!


Waif Waves!

The tiny tot
teases a wave
her taunting toes
tip-toeing in
to chase the ebb
then turning with
timid, toddler terror
to dash away
from the onrushing tide

Eventually a
big crest  spanks her
smacking her plump bottom
down with a shove to shore
where she sits for a second
considering her adversary
then she waddles
with a bit
of an impish grin
back to tango
with the surf again
daring the giant curls
of the Atlantic
to comb her out!



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