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Philippine Airlines Hongkong Trip Promo - Cheapest Hong Kong Package!

Updated on June 18, 2011
Philippine Airlines Hong Kong Promos
Philippine Airlines Hong Kong Promos

Philippine Airlines Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a beautiful country to visit and also a place where you can shop for more affordable prices especially with electronics and others because they do not have taxes for those commodities. I remember reading about Hong Kong in, a website and organization that index the different levels of economic freedom of the different countries in the world. Hong Kong ranked as the top and most economically free country in the world, meaning there is the least government intervention in their market. Consumers can really benefit from these free market policies and it remains true for Hong Kong because the different markets there are thriving.

But Hong Kong is not only for shopping. It is also a beautiful place with a lot of tourist attractions such as Hong Kong Disneyland and many others. It is also full of people with different cultures and come from different places. The ethnicity of people in Hong Kong are very diverse and this is shown also in their cuisines. I love restaurants in Hong Kong because they portray diverse cultures and many great foods from all over the world.

For tourists, travelers, and backpackers that are traveling to Asia, Hong Kong is a must-see and it is very important to have it in your list of destinations.

Tourists Destinations in Hong Kong
Tourists Destinations in Hong Kong

Philippine Airlines Ticket Promo for Hong Kong

You can get cheaper deals and more affordable tickets if you decide to travel to Hong Kong with Philippine Airlines. There are really a lot of Philippine Airlines Promos for Hong Kong destinations. If you can get your tickets for a more affordable price then your budget will allow you to do more during your trip.

When I went to Hong Kong, I rode Philippine Airlines and got my ticket very cheap because they always have new promos. It is important to research first about ticket promos before just impulsively buying tickets. Imagine all the savings you can get and how it can make your trip even more exciting because you can shop more and go to more tourist destinations. There are also group packages discounts for Philippine Airlines, so if you are deciding to travel with friends of with your family you should really consider getting the promos first in order to get cheaper and more affordable tickets.

Hong Kong Video

My Experience in Hong Kong

I bought a Sony camcorder back when I was in Hong Kong because, as I have said, there is minimal government intervention and taxes are very low if non-existent. From what I hear, they only tax cigarettes and alcohol in order to discourage their citizens and visitors from using those stuff but all in all everything else you need to shop for is affordable. Restaurants and food can get very expensive though but really it is all about knowing where to go to eat in Hong Kong in order to get the cheap deals and a more meaningful and fulfilling experience. So be sure to research more about restaurants in Hong Kong before going there!

Being that I am into photography, I took some photos when I was there and you might want to check them out here: Hong Kong Travel Photography.

Travel to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an amazing and unique destination that you should go to. I highly recommend it for those who want to experience an Asian perspective to the western world. It was under the British colony for so long and the ideals and practices that they left behind are infused with Asian and Chinese traditions that make it an absolutely unique and wonderful experience. 

It is also very near to other countries that you might want to check out in Asia. You can even go to China with just one bus ride from there. So really, you cannot miss out on visiting Hong Kong if you are planning an Asian trip.


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      raymond 4 years ago

      how much the 2 person back and port?

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      reycel ann tatunay 5 years ago

      how much for 9 persons if we are planning to travel on december 21, 2013?

    • profile image

      Irene 5 years ago

      H! good morning how much cost of 1 person to travel to hong kong thanks.

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      chabchab123 5 years ago

      hi! how much is 1 ticket for a trip to Honk Kong need the response asap!

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      charicerolypoly17 6 years ago

      hi how much it cost for a group tour packages for 10 person in hongkong please

    • profile image

      paul 6 years ago

      how much is roundtrip ticket for 4 persons going to hongkong?

    • profile image

      kenneth domingo 6 years ago

      how much it will cost for a group of 13 plus 2 kids? this december 23,2011.

    • profile image

      ming 6 years ago

      how much is the 2 way ticket going to hongkong for 4 persons ?

    • profile image

      kristian 6 years ago

      how much the fee in the air port and how abouth the fee in the ticket... i want to booking this 1st week of july.. i need your responce asap... tnx

    • profile image

      analiza aguirre 6 years ago

      how much will it cost if i bring my family 4persons.?

    • profile image

      maria veronica cuartero 7 years ago

      pls....answer my question....

      how much the two way ticket going to hong kong?