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Rome, photos, pictures of The Colosseum,The Pantheon and a Temple.

Updated on December 10, 2014

Photos The Colosseum,The Pantheon, Rome.Italy.

The Colosseum Rome. Interior.
The Colosseum Rome. Interior. | Source
 The Pantheon, Rome.
The Pantheon, Rome.
On some of the ancient buildings/columns you can see where the Romans altered the inscriptions on them by covering the names over when the person was 'no longer in favour'.
On some of the ancient buildings/columns you can see where the Romans altered the inscriptions on them by covering the names over when the person was 'no longer in favour'. | Source
Temple in The Forum Area of Rome.
Temple in The Forum Area of Rome. | Source

Ancient Rome...

Photos and information about Roman's ancient buildings.

According to legend Rome was founded by Romulus in 753 BC.

The modern city of Rome still has lots of ancient places to visit and this is one of the reasons why it is always popular with tourists. It is a busy city but when I visited it I thought the areas such as the Forum were worth taking the time to explore and to discover how they once were.

A tourist guide giving a tour of the forum will be able to point out features that you may not notice yourself even with a guide book. Considering the age of the buildings many of them are still in a condition where you can still imagine how magnificent they must have been at the time of their construction.

Photos of Buildings of Ancient Rome, Italy.

Rome is an amazing place to visit there is so much history to it and many of the buildings connected to the history of Rome can still be seen and photographed.

The Colosseum, Rome.

The atmosphere here is one of the strangest of any place I have visited, as I walked through the Colosseum I did not feel warm even though it was a blazing hot day. Maybe it was because I had read of all amount of blood that was shed there both human and of the animals. I looked down at the 'basement' which would have been below the floor of the 'arena' the place where the people and animals awaited their fate and it was really quite oppressive. I found it difficult to believe that the people who had been clever enough to construct this ancient city were also the ones who organised such carnage.


Photographs of a Visit to Rome, Italy.

photograph taken of The Colosseum interior. Rome
photograph taken of The Colosseum interior. Rome | Source
The Colosseum Rome,photo of  exterior
The Colosseum Rome,photo of exterior | Source
The Pantheon, the Pizza della Rotunda, Rome.
The Pantheon, the Pizza della Rotunda, Rome. | Source

Tips for visiting Rome...

If you have a limited amount of time to spend on your visit to these famous Roman ancient buildings then plan your trip carefully to make the most of the time you have there.

You should be able to get tickets in advance to save waiting to buy a ticket to be admitted to the Colosseum. Remember in the summer to protect yourself from the sun while walking around Rome. Especially as when I visited in August the heat, sun and lack of shade made me feel faint.

If do not have time to visit all the famous places - the forum area with the Colosseum is one not to miss. A tour guide can be very informative if you want to find out as much information as possible on your visit to the Forum and Colosseum in Rome.

Always take good care of your possessions when visiting tourist attractions. This means holding your bag close to you and not becoming distracted. A backpack on your back is not a good place to store your camera or wallet and take care on busy bus journeys too.

Travel tip for Italy - buses and train ticket remember to validate them. In Italy bus tickets can usually be purchased at a tobaconist shop, some cities you can buy the tickets on the buses too. The pre-purchased tickets need validating by bing stamped by a ticket machine on the bus. Railway tickets also need to be validated before your journey - there are machines to do this on railway station platforms.

History of the Roman Colosseum

A View of Ancient Rome

Roman Architecture


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