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Pictures Of Northern Cyprus - Stunning Scenic Views & Architecture

Updated on March 22, 2012

Early in 2012 I visited Northern Cyprus. This is a beautiful country so I wanted to show some of the wonderful views of Northern Cyprus in the form of some of my pictures. These were taken in a variety of different scenic spots and the pictures of Northern Cyprus should really give you a feel of what this place is all about.

As you can see from the video there is some stunning scenery in the area. Places such as St Hilarion Castle, Famagusta and Girne were just some of the settings for these pictures. As well as wonderful views you can also see some interesting culture and architecture in the buildings. Go a little off the beaten track and you see some interesting farming communities and agriculture. Below is a little bit of information about the pictures and Northern Cyprus itself.

Northern Cyprus Views

Stunning Views Of Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is quite a bit smaller than the Southern part, this is a Turkish country unlike the Southern side which is Greek. Despite not being a very large area there are some stunning areas of both natural beauty and historical significance. My favourite places was without a doubt St Hilarion Castle. This sits high in the mountains and over looks the town of Girne also known as Kyrenia. St Hilarion castle looks almost like it has been carved out of the rock and offers some breathtaking views of the coast. The castle has lots of interesting stairways and ramparts to explore. As you can see from the pictures, if you get a nice clear day the views are simply magical.

One thing Northern Cyprus is not really that well known for is it’s beaches. There are a few lovely beaches but in many areas there is simply rock leading down into the sea. The beach you see in the pictures is located around 10 miles up the coast from Girne. Another thing that can not go unnoticed when visiting Northern Cyprus is the mountains, these run parallel to the coast for many miles and form an intimidating backdrop. Although they may not be the largest mountains you will ever see, their rugged terrain certainly makes them look impressive.


History & Architecture

One thing that you will notice if you visit Northern Cyprus is the vast differences in the buildings. This is now a Turkish area so you see lots of mosques dotted around the countryside. But this used to be a Greek area so you also see lots of little Greek churches, although most of these are now quite dilapidated and many have been vandalised. Driving round the country you also see a few monasteries, there are a few in the pictures that I have taken. In Girne there is an impressive castle which sits in the harbour, this is a good place to look round and the tunnels down to the dungeons are well worth a look. As mentioned already St Hilarion is a wonderful castle to explore and there are some amazing pieces of architecture which looks as if they could crumble off down the mountain at any moment.

The highlight of Northern Cyprus though when it comes to history and architecture has to be Famagusta. Here there are various buildings from all different periods of history. Some of these are now in ruins where as some are still very well maintained. This area has always been a place that seems to go from one ruler ship to another so you see the remnants of various civilisations which have lived and built here over the years. As well as the stunning architecture you see this is also a town with an interesting history. Famagusta was once seen as one of the richest cities in the world and people from all over Europe came here to learn and be immersed in the culture. If you want an interesting places to visit in Northern Cyprus then Famagusta certainly is an area well worth taking a look at.

One Of The Friendly Goats

Northern Cyprus Pictures Of Agriculture

One thing that is well worth doing when visiting anywhere is getting away from the crowds and heading for the more traditional areas. Wandering on the mountains we came across a friendly farmer who keeps goats. The baby goats were great fun and would run up to us and brush up against our legs. One thing you see many locals doing is collection mushrooms, these are very tasty and seen as quite a local delicacy.

One of the things that stands out in some areas are the olive trees. Some of these have been growing for hundreds of years and the tangles trees really do look very impressive. You also see lots of Orange trees and visit late in the year and these are ready for plucking off the tree.

As you can see from these pictures of Northern Cyprus this really is a beautiful place to visit and there are plenty of things to see. If you are looking for places to visit then head for St Hilarion Castle, Famagusta and Girne. There are lots of other places as well of course but these were some of the most interesting places that we saw when we visited there.


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