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Fun & Interesting Facts About Living in Brazil

Updated on September 14, 2011

There are a number of places that you can go and visit in Brazil, South America. There is only one place that is truly unforgettable Grande Sertão Veredas Park is that place. Its landscapes are covered with enormous amounts of bio and ecological diversity. Along with some of the local towns you can experience some of the historic buildings and cobblestone streets.

Along with visiting these places I do have a couple of suggestions for you.

* One of the premier places to visit is the The Amazonia National Park which is also known to the locals as 'The Green Inferno' It is named this because of the great expanse of natural ecological and biological diversity that covers a great majority of the Brazilian landscape.

* The Pantanal, is another location in the same area that is great for watching the local wildlife emerge from there hiding places. It is amazing to see, hear and experience wildlife in their natural habitat.

As you travel in brazil another place that is a must sea is the Atlantic coast and its beaches but be arned in the summer time the water off the coast can be notoriously rough and cold due to the currents and under-tones.


In most of the surrounding country you are looking at around 30 dollars for accommodations, about 20 for food, ect... so if you do plan to stay for awhile in Brazil a month or so it may be best to keep around 1500 on a credit card or bank account which you can remove via ATM as spending money. But if you go off the beaten track a little bit and stay away from the touristy spots you can expect to pay much less for the same services.

Only carry as much as you are comfortable carrying with you in terms of money and valuables. You will need cash and not simply Credit cards, Travelers checques, ect… you can save quite a bit by using it. But Brazil in areas is still a small country and not everyone will take credit cards outside the cities. So make sure you do plan accordingly. Traveler's cheques can be a hassle because there is only a couple of banks (Banco de Brazil, etc) in Brazil where you can exchange them commission free.

But these places and with a little planning you can have a experience of a lifetime in Brazil. If you would like more information regarding brazil. Places to see, visit, eat, or even move as an expat. Or just the local news please visit and book mark my website on brazil at


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