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Places to visit 3

Updated on January 21, 2016

Hello again my travel dreamers. I like the fact that I’ve been getting more feedback on my ‘Places to visit’ hubs, so I’ve decided to continue enjoy myself while I write more about these mind-blowing locations. Now today I want to visit Europe; the motherland of many things wonderful; from their diverse cultures to the unprecedented economical giants that they are. But money, trading agreements, huge loans, a flurry of insurances and etc.. are not the only dominant thing about Europe, there’s the affluent sundries of varying landscapes that they have, dappling all the nations; pretty much pictorially defining them in one daze. There’s just no way that I could have avoided or forgotten to mention somewhere I would love to visit in such a god blessed continent. Now, the place I have chosen to chat about today, is somewhere I’m quite familiar with. Not because I’ve been there before but because I was writing a book (historical fiction----I hope to be published soon!) about world war two, and so had to do some research on the continent. It was here that I found out about a place called “THE BLACK FORREST”. While writing, some of my most descriptive scenes came out as I dabbled my characters in the prodigious Black Forrest. So basically I fell in love with it like bank would with credit :). It's an ‘A class’ environment and so without any hesitation it deserves to be explored in this hub.

Some facts

The Black Forrest is located in Germany, belonging to the state of baden Württemberg and in the past was subdivided into; The Northern black Forrest, Middle Black Forest and The Southern Black forest. In modern days the region is more rigidly classified but in order to keep this hub a little bit simpler for my readers, let’s just use the north, south and middle regions as our classification system. The northern area is generally heavily forested and so is home to a lot of green lush for all you tree lovers. The middle now is the lower section and is home to awe-inspiring valleys where you’re going to find most of the farmlands. The Southern region of the Black Forrest is the highest point. This is where you’ll find the forrest’s sky scrapers, inadvertently yielding some of its coldest parts; stacking up piles of glaciers laying atop each of the mountain’s peak. From the south to the north of the forrest, spans a distance of over 150Km with a width of 50 Km. Now if my math is right, that’s almost the same size as both the states of Delaware and Rhode island put together; 7766 Km2 >7500 Km2.

Now that’s a lot of endless meadows, mountains and valleys to roam gaily upon; I picture the popular sing-along movie ‘Sound of music’ with myself waddling pathless throughout the up and down terrains; like a leaf in autumn lost in the wind. But that’s just another story.

The sloped country side


Features in and around The Black Forrest

Now why call it the Black Forrest (Schwarzwald)? You see, if you think about it, it kind of sounds eerie or awfully serene; depending upon who you are. But what gives it its impressive name tag is what you see when you first stumble unto one of its edges, peering in between its picketed fences erected from trees, more or likely spruce or pine. Near or far, you’d be able to see the deep dark lush of green hiding in between the edges or denting the roof in its canopies; more powerful and beautiful than the imagination of an army of artists and poets put together. It’s these deep luring cluster of green trees with their unimaginable spell bounding effect that makes the name “The Black Forrest” more than suitable.

Now, the wow effect is not just about the Forrest but there are a lot of other features about the place to explore. In fact a lot of the frenzy about The Black Forest is surrounding it and not necessarily inside. You see, when you‘re good, good things tends to follow you! The Black Forrest is furrowed with a plethora of towns and it is these towns that are highly important when it comes to The Black Forrest gaining its popularity as a must-see tourist destination. The Black Forrest is encircled by quaint towns and villages; all important historical destinations dating as far back as beyond the 16th and 17th centuries. In fact there is a Museum called the Black Forrest Open air Museum; you could check if you want to; a pit stop from one of your nature walks. These different villages offer plenty of activities for pastimes; whether it’s learning about Germany’s famous cuckoo clocks at the German clock Museum, exploring the luxury of different lakes and rivers veining in and around the Forrest, taking one of the many tours offered throughout the area, learning about their famous spa areas or trying out some of their world renowned cuisines. In fact did you know that Black Forrest cake originated from the area. It is however kind of obvious, right; ‘BLACK FORREST’. This cake is to die for in Jamaica.There's just too much to enjoy here. Going here is like taking out an insurance for "FUN". Cause you're ensured to have it :)

Over the Black Forrest


Pop Quiz!

Guess and tell me what region the picture above is describing.

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Here are some of the locations and there descriptions

A camera-friendly old town with checkered streets, medieval houses and a beautiful cathedral
A star attraction town; home to the highly visited and beautiful lake Titisee, Clock makers and the great Rhine falls to gaze at
Home to a lush spruce forrest
Another historical town with thermal baths, festivals and casinos
Another major historic town
Feldberg and Belchen peaks
for snow sports such as skiing

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Now, each of these areas all have different properties and it is because of these different properties why you can find a wealth of activities to occupy ourselves with. I had mentioned before the south is generally known to be the colder area of the forrest. But it is because of this feature why that area is prone to many winter sports. Chief among them are both downhill and Nordic skiing in many places.

In the middle you can enjoy a luxury from the breathtaking rustic view of an open country side; home to lush meadows and sporadic quaintly crannied farming houses. Here is where you can enjoy a view of the opening Forrest. In fact I read that the emergence of the Black Forrest from the middle is a soft reminder of the story of the little red riding hood (In a good way).

I left the north for last because I believed that it is one of the best places to visit the most. In fact it has the number 1 tourist visited sites; especially for their lakes, but more predominantly lake Titisee.

I can’t wait to one day visit this place. Where the characters from my book should literally jump off the pages at me.



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A Poem:

It’s late in the evening; the tour guide sprung to his microphone to welcome us before we set off into the town of Titisee-Neustadt.

Ten minutes into our journey I became deaf to the man and his mic, and wide eyed to the loud-town. I peered through the window to further discern the old buildings, rugged but pristine with an old gutter, checkered house tops, concrete-tiled streets, to the side an ancient stream with no water to see.

With each stare I could see ancient men and women from Germany’s Prussia days re-appear. The sun blocked my glares, like a cosmic hand, awaking me to the speaker’s speech. Through the glass tiny dusts and particles danced in the air, like happy children roaming the sun’s yellow pastures; a naturalistic crescendo, jumping and cartwheel throughout the air; a fusion of a dear and a rainbow.

Half an hour had past, my eyes forgot to rest. Churches, clock specialists but the lake was the best. We got out to eat. The vendors from shops seemed nice, but the glimmer from the lake had made its arrest.

I took my off my shoes and combed the grass with my feet. When I got to the lake there was the sky, the sun and then there was fuzzy me; dancing between the twirls of the Titisee’s queues.

With no boots, I gladly volunteered as the tours fool. Ahh! I dipped my feet into the natural pool. With each tinkle of the tiny currents a gust of thrill danced from leg to my head; I sprung a drool. Time became a passerby until… “…..Hey call that guy!”

One hour on, a man tried to make conversation, however the trees spoke more loudly; but at least I said “Hi”.

Deeper and darker the Black Forrest had no sky. Pine and spruce perfumed the atmosphere, tiny insects and animals caroled throughout the air.

I had lost all my senses, loaned to the Forrest without care. After-all with plenty day-dreams and flaring suspense’s, my psychological abode was just here. The vehicle came to a stop before the other sounds surfaced. “……and that’s why I got married……” “…Oh sorry….” I stopped him. But this man was obsessed!

I danced from the seats apprehending whatever was next; the guide told us to go out in sets. Trees, Trees; the old beneath and the strong stood tall, one had an abandoned bird’s nest. I took a couple steps into the Forrest’s near its apex.

The silence from thistles, twigs and barks helped history to give me its latest. Concentrated clusters of nature’s quintessence, both smell and feel climaxed into a single touch, inadvertently causing me to heel.

Up against a tree bark the Forrest whispered tales about the secrets of nature’s heart. From behind distant voices muddled the perfect art.

A small test from the poem

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I can’t wait to one day visit this place, where the characters from my book should literally jump off the pages.

Thanks for lending me your eyes guys, I hope you all liked it.

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See it for youself

Please let me know what you think

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    • Dwight Phoenix profile imageAUTHOR

      Dwight Phoenix 

      3 years ago from Jamaica

      Thanks for stopping by Deborah....Yes it would be nice to go there one day.

      Maybe we'd bump into each other while purchasing a black Forrest cake :)

    • DeborahNeyens profile image

      Deborah Neyens 

      3 years ago from Iowa

      I've never been there either, but it would be great to visit some day to see the setting of all those stories I used to love as a child (Grimm's Fairy Tales).

    • Dwight Phoenix profile imageAUTHOR

      Dwight Phoenix 

      3 years ago from Jamaica

      Wow............You've got to be kidding me!! You are so lucky!!!!!!

      You shouldn't have just passed through my friend.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me.....You have to forgive me I'm still a little lost and in awe.....I sure hope next time someone stops by and tells me that they've been to my the next "places to visit hub". That would make the decade for me :).

    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 

      3 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      I passed through the Black Forest when I toured Europe in 1982. I didn't visit any of the places you listed, but I would gladly go there again!


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