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Plan A Trip To West Monroe, Louisiana

Updated on July 10, 2014

Home of Duck Dynasty

There is much to do and see in West Monroe, and also Monroe, LA. Recently, what has drawn most tourists to the twin cities, is the popularity of the show "Duck Dynasty." That is what drew my husband and I there. After a road-trip to New Orleans, we just had to head north. We wanted to visit the Duck Commander warehouse, and see in person some of the sites that have been featured on the show.

What we found out is that there is a lot more to see and do in the area, than we expected. We are "Duck Dynasty" fans. Even if you have never seen the show, or don't consider yourself a fan, there is a good time to be had visiting West Monroe!

Map View

Getting To West Monroe

West Monroe is in the northeast part of the state of Louisiana. It is easy to get to, as Interstate 20 runs right through the town. Hwy 80, and LA Hwy 143 also go through the town. Getting around town is not difficult.

  • West Monroe, LA is 304 miles from New Orleans, LA, which is in the southern part of the state.
  • West Monroe, LA is 284 miles east of Dallas, TX. Interstate 20 runs between the two cities.
  • West Monroe, LA is 181 miles south of Little Rock, AR
  • West Monroe is 502 miles west of Atlanta, GA, also following Interstate 20.

If you want to fly to the area, Monroe Regional Airport serves both Monroe, and West Monroe.

Amtrak trains do not go through Monroe. The closest Amtrak Stations would be Texarkana, AR., and Jackson, MS.

Greyhound bus service travels to Monroe, LA.

Duck Commander Sign

The warehouse sign is a fun spot for picture taking.
The warehouse sign is a fun spot for picture taking. | Source

My Duck Call

This is a "Miss Priss" Duck Call.  There are many styles.
This is a "Miss Priss" Duck Call. There are many styles. | Source

Stop One - The Warehouse

If you are a Duck Dynasty fan, the warehouse will probably be your first stop. If you are in town for several days, you will probably want to return more than once. The store is located in the front of the warehouse. Uncle Si, Willie, Jase, Jep, and other members of the family, and cast, do visit the warehouse store. Store employees do not know when they will come in, though. It is just a matter of luck. We did not meet any of the family when we were there.

There is a lot of fun merchandise in the store. There are also more picture taking opportunities. Bearded pictures on the wall provide a great photo background, as does the comfortable camouflage covered chairs.

We bought a duck call on our first visit to the store. We took it back to our camper, and couldn't get it to sound right. The next day we returned to the store for a demonstration of how to use it. Turned out that we were blowing in the wrong end of it! Actually, you don't blow in it. You mouth "ten-ten-ten-ten", quickly.

The address for the Duck Commander Warehouse is: 117 Kings Lane, West Monroe, LA

Donut Shop Sign


Stop Two - The Donut shop

One of our favorite Duck Commander episodes was the one where the guys had a donut eating contest. Uncle Si ate 32 glazed donuts and won a raffle for a camper.

The donut shop is Haskell's Donuts. It is located on Thomas Rd., not far from the Duck Commander warehouse.

Of course, we had to stop for donuts...

Donut Eating Episode

Whites Ferry Road Church


Stop Three - The Church

One of the best things about the Robertson family is that they are Christians. Every show ends with the family eating a meal, and saying grace. Faith is a huge part of their lives, and they do not waver from their beliefs, even if the belief is not always popular.

Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ is the home church of the Robertson family. The family is active at their church. They speak to visitors who might stop by on a Sunday morning. A family we talked to met them at Church. Unfortunately, we were not in town on Sunday morning.

Stop Four- Downtown

The next stop for us was to go downtown West Monroe, and also Monroe. The cities are separated by the Ouachita River. Downtown West Monroe has lots of antique shops. They are fun to explore. The downtown shops are closed on Sunday, and most are also closed on Monday.

There is an outdoor market along the River in Monroe. The hours are varied.

Ouachita River Bridge and Downtown


Stop Five - Biedenhern Museum

We are so glad that we did not miss visiting the Biedenhern Museum! The mansion and grounds were beautiful, and we learned so much from the tour guides.

Living in Georgia, we had always assumed that everything associated with Coke started in Atlanta. We found out that the recipe for Coca-Cola, and the syrup came from Atlanta. The idea of putting Coca-Cola in a bottle, and distributing started in Monroe, LA. The first bottles were washed in the Ouachita River after use, and refilled.

A guide tells you Cola history from behind an old fashioned soda fountain. You can then get a bottle of Coke for 5 cents from a drink machine.

Biedenharn Museum


Stop Six - Louisiana Purchase Zoo

We are fans of visiting the zoo, so the zoo in Monroe was part of our agenda. Because we have a membership in our local zoo, we did not have to pay any admission. This was an older zoo, but they had a wide selection of animals. They had buffalo, ostriches, lots of turtles, and most of the standard zoo animals.

They also had a pontoon boat ride, with a guide pointing out more animals along the riverbank. We paid for the boat ride, but it was inexpensive. The guide was knowledgeable, and the ride was fun.

Zoo Pictures


Needed More Time,,,,

One mistake I made in planning our trip was to not spend the weekend in West Monroe. We had been in New Orleans for the weekend before coming to the Monroe area. We found out that we missed some good activities, and our three weekdays was not enough time to see everything. There is a stock car racetrack that has scheduled Saturday night races. There are festivals, and weekend sports.

There are also many parks, golf courses, bowling, a large mall, and boat rides that can be taken down the Ouachita River. Following you will find links to some other activities in Monroe, and West Monroe.

This was a great trip! Definitely, would go again!


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    • susansisk profile image

      susansisk 2 years ago from Georgia, USA

      No. I'm not very good at "duck-calling". It is fun to try it, though.

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      I love museums, gardens and zoos. A nice little visit. Did the ducks come when you called?