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Planning A Family Vacation - Get Organized With A Travel Organizer

Updated on February 9, 2011

Plan Your Trip Itinerary Ahead Of Time

The more organized you can be with the details of your trip ahead of time, the more likely you will be to have a successful vacation.  Find out as much as you can about the area you wish to visit and then pinpoint the most desirable attractions and destinations that you wish to see.

Deciding on where to go on your family vacation is made easier with a list of some of the top vacation spots in the U.S. Once you decide where you want to go, you will want to research the area and become somewhat of your own travel agent.

Start a travel organizer or notebook: Before taking a family vacation, map out the best hotels, deals on your favorite vacation attractions, and any other pertinent information on your desired destination.  Organization and vacation planning can make all the difference on a successful trip. Nothing is worse than reaching your destination, looking at your family members in expectation, and thinking "now what?". No one wants to waste precious vacation time searching for things to do. This should all be done well ahead of time.

Advance planning will ensure that you have a great time no matter what the weather brings. You should incorporate rainy day activities into your plan just in case. With the use of the Internet, vacation planning has become very easy. As you begin establishing plans, keep one notebook with all of your plans for a handy reference.

HOTEL BOOKING: It's easy to find a good hotel on-line. Sites like Trip-Advisor or hotels_rates show all of the hotels for the area you are looking with the rates, reviews, and distance from your destination. Comparison shopping at your fingertips has never been easier. There are also sites that offer discounted rates such as expedia or hotwire. You may have to pay in advance with no refund for some of the especially low rates. Be very sure of your plans before booking those. Or, with hotwire, you don't even find out your hotel name until after you book. Although, you are guaranteed a certain star hotel.

RESTAURANTS:Unless dining is not going to be a part of your vacation experience, restaurants should be planned out in advance as well. Reading up on the reviews of the restaurants in your area is a good idea. When we went to Los Angeles, we wanted to go somewhere where we might spot a celebrity. I searched on-line for the best restaurant choices for this possibility - that were still somewhat affordable! I decided on "The Ivy" and we incorporated it into our plan, choosing a day that we would be in the vicinity of the restaurant anyway. It worked out on a day that we wanted to be in the audience of a game show - they were on the same side of town. This is the advantage of keeping notes! Although we didn't see a celebrity, it was a great dining experience and we were able to walk right from the studio filming the game show - a perfect plan! Knowing where you are going to dine, in advance, also saves a lot of time in trying to make a decision once on vacation. Plus, you usually end up with a better experience.

VACATION ATTRACTIONS: Research all the attractions in your destination before you go. Compare prices, coupons and overall fun. Make an educated decision on where you want to spend your dollars. A lot of times you can purchase your tickets ahead of time for a discounted price. Theme parks such as Universal Studios or Disney World offer discounts on-line.

If you are planning a vacation to somewhere like the Key West, plan on taking one of the fishing charters. This can add a sense of adventure to your trip. Whether you go tarpan fishing, shark fishing, wreck & reef or deep sea fishing, these all are something other than the norm. Snorkeling excursions are also a lot of fun.

Maybe you are planning on going out West. Instead of staying at a regular hotel, research cowboy lodges to stay at. We stayed at one and just having "authentic cowboys" coming into the attached lounge or "saloon" was enough of a memory right there.

Advance planning can ensure that you have a great time and don't miss out on the areas on unique offerings. Just make sure you have an idea of things you can do in case of bad weather.

**If you are driving to your destination, it is helpful to plan that all out too. Figure out how far you want to drive each day and where you want to stop. Reserve those hotels in advance as well. There won't be any stress this way. All of the advance planning makes for a very relaxing vacation!

Internet Coupons

Before taking off on any vacation, check the Internet for coupons! Look for restaurant coupons. Search restaurant coupons in the area or areas that you are going. You might be surprised at what you find. Restaurants that you maybe otherwise would not have gone to because of the expense, might have a special on a certain night. Knowing this ahead of time allows you to plan your dining accordingly.

Most attractions offer on-line discounts but some lesser known museums or mini golf courses also will have coupons on-line.

Even just a discount on a coffee or an ice cream cone can be beneficial when you are looking at a multitude of expenses. You will also want to look up free things to do in the area you are going. There may be a gem in the mix. The Internet makes vacation planning and coupon finding very easy, literally at your fingertips. Taking advantage of this just allows you to make the most of your vacation time.

Vacation Hot Spots

  1. Orlando, Florida - Disney World, the theme park capital of the world is the most popular vacation destination for families. With all of the great resorts, package deals and Disney magic it's no wonder it tops the list.
  2. Wisconsin Dells - If Orlando is the theme park capital, then Wisconsin is the indoor water park capital of the world. You never have to leave the resort with all of the activity right there. This is a great destination for families of all ages.
  3. Southern California - Although the theme parks are smaller than Orlando, Disneyland and Universal Studios still have much to offer. The incredible California beaches are an attraction in their own right.
  4. Hawaii - The perfect weather and diversity of the islands makes this a wonderful family vacation destination. Maui is beautiful with breathtaking tours available for families. Kauai is more natural and great for kayaking adventures.
  5. New York City - Families love the many attractions and excitement of the city. A visit to the Statue Of Liberty or the Empire State Building is certainly a highlight.
  6. Yellowstone National Park - This reserve is a must see for families. The hot pots and geysers, the wildlife and majestic mountains are all so breathtaking and awesome.
  7. Michigan - The Great Lakes offer great beaches and quaint shopping areas with plenty of rest and relaxation. Touring the coast and seeing the many lighthouses is a highlight.
  8. Washington D.C. - Both educational and fun. The many museums offer insight into our nations capital.

Knock Knock Travel Organizer

This specially made travel organizer has everything you need to plan, track and enjoy a stress free vacation. It even has an elastic closure to keep papers secure.

You can't go wrong when you use the tools included with this organizer!


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