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Planning a Vacation to Hawaii Basics

Updated on November 27, 2011

Why I am an Expert

Traveling to Hawaii is a great experience however you choose to do it. However there are definitely a few key things you must do to make your vacation better than the average Hawaii vacation. This is my guide. What gives me the authority to tell you what to do in Hawaii? I was born and raised here, you can be sure that I know "what's up." Please check out my other guides for more detail, this is only the basics.

Key things

1. The best Island to go to is Oahu

Anyone will tell you this. Although the other surrounding Islands make good vacations as well, Oahu is by far the most populated and important Island in Hawaii. Although the island of Hawaii seems like a pretty good choice because of the famous lava spewing mountains Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, there is not much else on the Island of Hawaii. So if you had to choose between Oahu and Hawaii pick Oahu. However, if you are looking to see lava you won't get any in Oahu. Go to Hawaii to see Lava, Mountains, and Craters. Go to Oahu to have more FUN.


2. When booking a hotel it is a must that you get a beach front hotel in Waikiki

Waikiki is by far the best place to stay during your visit. It is the closest location to all the best things to do. At night there are some major parties and clubs to hit. They also have some of the best hotels in the world here, so definitely check into a hotel in Waikiki. The environment is the best in all of Hawaii. Although Turtle Bay might seem like a prime choice, don't do it. It is too far away from all the good stuff.


3. Rent a car

This is a must. Not renting will make you get stuck in the city. It will be a hassle and cost you a lot more time if you try to Taxi or bus or trolly around. There is literally no time to waste while staying at Oahu. You don't want to spend the majority of your time just getting to your destinations right?

4. Stay away from the Polynesian Cultural Center

This is a big thing. Although it might be tempting because of how big the whole operation is, please RESIST. It is very far away and very expensive for what you get. Sure you learn about Hawaii and its culture and all of that, you even have a luau(hawaiian style party). But it is very far away and will cost you lots of time and money. It is not that great at all! It does not give you a "real" taste of Hawaii. It gives you a tourist's fantasy.


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