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Planning to go to Hajj in 2014? Choose the right Hajj Packages to make things Easy & Affordable

Updated on February 27, 2014

Performing Hajj

Performing Hajj is a lifelong dream for every Muslim that sometime in their life should be fulfilled. Every year millions of Muslims from around the world visit the holy city of Makkah. Unfortunately, getting to and finding accommodation in this city can be quite a task for those who are not familiar with this region. But thankfully there are some reputed tour operators that specialize in providing exceptional hajj packages.

Choosing the right Package

Hajj packages come in various price ranges, which make it easy for almost everybody to see Makkah at a price that they can afford. The lowest cost hajj package starts at £2499 per person, and it includes all amenities to enjoy your stay in this exceptional one of a kind holy country.

Like any international traveler will tell you, getting a visa can be quite a daunting challenge if you do not fully understand each countries system. So, all Hajj and Umrah packages that are provided by these tour operators start with a visa that permits you to stay in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the entire duration of your trip.

Each Hajj package includes your airfare, accommodation, lunch, dinner and a tour guide to ensure that you enjoy every aspect of your holy trip as much as possible. In addition you will also receive a pre Hajj briefing/seminar and a special five day educational program to make sure you understand the impact of what you are presently accomplishing.

The 5 star Hajj packages starts at £4150 and are more luxurious than the lower cost variety. If you do not want to stay in an apartment with few other unknown people you can enjoy living in a 5 star hotel with servants ready to fulfill your every demand by opting for these 5 star Hajj packages.

In addition, you will be provided a direct flight to save on your time. Some other benefits of spending a little more money are the types of restaurants you will have your lunch and dinner at and the quality of food served at them. You will also be taken by a private bus to see up to twenty holy places in Makkah and Madinah.

Hajj & Umrah - A complete package

Beside this, the tour guide who will be accompanying you on your holy trip will be the most experienced and well versed in the area. The Hajj packages mentioned above are the lowest and highest cost packages that are available for the pilgrims. There are also numerous other packages for you to choose from that are priced somewhere in between these two extremes.

So rather than wasting your time and efforts in researching and finding out everything you need to enjoy your holy pilgrimage you can easily opt for these all inclusive Hajj packages. Today, they are the best way to go unless you have either lived in the holy country previously or you have performed Hajj many times before.

These tour operators make it really easy for you to perform Hajj hassle freely. All you have to do is to select a Hajj package that meets your requirement and contact the tour operator.

Top Hajj & Umrah Tour Operators in UK

1- AL- Amanah Hajj & Umrah Ltd -

2- Umrah & Hajj Specialist Ltd -


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      Neal Warne 3 years ago

      Great and a very useful blog. Thanks a lot for sharing the blog.

    • profile image

      Neal Warne 3 years ago

      I like reading this blog. I am not a Muslim. But I really want to go for a Hajj. This is a really very informative blog for me. I will share with one of Muslim friend of mine. Keep sharing.