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Poisonous snakes and venomous spiders in Australia

Updated on December 11, 2015

Australia has its' fair share of poisonous spiders and venomous snakes. Australia is like a paradise isle with everything, and they speak English.

But like most paradise islands, they come with nasty surprises in all shapes and sizes, and I am not talking about the politicians.

Northern Australia has many more dangerous creatures in and out of the water because of the temperature difference than Southern Australia, although wherever you go in Australia, you will find it clean, warm, and really friendly.

Here are some of the nasty little surprises that you may find on the land in Australia.

Venomous, but not to deadly.
Venomous, but not to deadly.

The Tiger Snake

This is actually a very common snake in the South and South Easterly states of Australia, and can be found in forests, mountains, by rivers and in your home or garden. Yes, these little beauties can be anywhere, be careful when gardening.

The last reported case of a death by a venomous bite by this snake, was in 2003, as a woman was trimming her bushes in her own garden.

The Tiger Snake has striped markings, which is possibly why it is called a tiger snake, although the markings can and do change by season and also depending on the age of the snake.

The average Australian Tiger Snake is about 1 meter in length, but they can grow to be 1.5 meters. They do not hunt humans, so don't worry, their main diet is, like the French, they eat lots of frogs, but they will also eat little birds, lizards, fish and any other little mammals, so they are definitely carnivores.

These snakes are venomous, not poisonous, and if they bite you, please do not suck out the poison, take an anti-histaine and nip off to hospital or to a medical center, do not leave it, you will need treatment like an antidote, or you may lose your limb or even die.

These snakes are very territorial, so if you have been bitten by one, and it got away, the chances of that snake still being in the same area is very high.

The Australian multicoloured Brown Snake
The Australian multicoloured Brown Snake

The Brown Snake

These are actually one of Australia's most venomous snakes, and are usually found on the Eastern side of this massive island.

They are called brown snakes, but their colors can vary from fawn, gold, orange, yellow and black, so if you come a cross a coloured snake of some description, it could be one of these, one of the worlds most deadly snakes.

They have been known to kill humans on many different occasions, if bitten by one, do not bite it back, head for the nearest hospital for treatment.

These slippery suckers again feed on small animals such as rodents, frogs and small birds.

In 2007, a girls of 9, was bitten on her foot, she fell unconscious and could not tell anyone what had happened, so she could not be treated instantly, she died within two hours.

There is a serum for this snakes bite, but you need to get to a hospital very quickly, do not waste time packing your belongings away if you are out somewhere and get bit, you will not have much time. As a footnote, these snakes lay about forty eggs each year, and once the female has laid these eggs, she abandons them, so if you find eggs on or around your property, you may consider getting rid of them.

Tourist Warning: Human Kidney Harvesting in Australia.

The Red Back, very common Poisonous Spider
The Red Back, very common Poisonous Spider

The Red Back Spider

This little bundle of joy, is Australia's most deadly spider, and is common throughout Australia, if you have to use a toilet, before you sit down, check under the seat, no one will you suck out the poison if you get bit there.

These are also related to the infamous Black Widow spider, and it's the females bite that can kill you, if the bite is not instantly treated, the anti-serum for this bite is readily available over the counter at pharmacies.

The female Redback spiders are only about 1cm in length, compared to the male which is only about 4mm, and yes, sexual cannibalism is rife amongst these spiders. Once mated, the female eats her mate, but if the female does not eat him, he dies soon after anyway from exhaustion.

Female Redback spiders can live for up to two years, whilst the males life span is obviously a lot less, and can survive without food for over three months.

They eat crickets and small lizards and any other small creatures that wonders into their web. The female Redback can lay 5000 eggs a year, and will lay some every month. Once laid, they will hatch in about fourteen days, now that is a lot of spiders running around.

Samll, black shiny and deadly
Samll, black shiny and deadly

The Funnel Web Spider

These are an ugly looking chunky spider, and are only about 5cm in length, very dark, either black or dark-ish blue. They are very venomous and their fangs make Dracula look like a Barbie Doll, their fangs can easily penetrate through your finger nails or shoes.

For a change Northern Australia does not have these Spiders, neither does Western Australia, allegedly, but every where else does.

They are attracted to water, which is why many are found in swimming pools, but even after being in the pool for hours, they will still bite. They are considered to be the worlds most poisonous spiders.

Wandering males will defend themselves if they feel threatened and account for nearly all of the fatal bites from this species of spider. That is 27 deaths in nearly 100 years.

They do run fast, but they cannot jump. If you are bitten by this shiny little creature, you will have swelling to the infected area, but you may have other symptoms such as being nauseous, having a tingling sensation around your mouth, shortness of breath, and twitching of the facial muscles.

This is an early sign of Systemic Envenoming, which basically means that the venom is attacking your internal organs and blood stream.

The outcome of this could be dilated pupils, coma then death.

Studies and research have shown that the poison from a Funnel Web spider can kill within thirty minutes.

An anti-serum, produced from rabbits, is fast acting, but you need to get to hospital, if you are bitten, apply a bandage above the bite, to slow down the spread through your body.

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