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Japanese Garden at Its Finest | Most Authentic in Portland,Oregon

Updated on November 23, 2012

Entering Japanese Culture At Its Finest

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Entrance into Japanese GardensFall spectacular color display of the Japanese maplesEntrance into a manmade paradiseExceptional beautyfollow the Path ol Enlightment
Entrance into Japanese Gardens
Entrance into Japanese Gardens | Source
Fall spectacular color display of the Japanese maples
Fall spectacular color display of the Japanese maples
Entrance into a manmade paradise
Entrance into a manmade paradise
Exceptional beauty
Exceptional beauty
follow the Path ol Enlightment
follow the Path ol Enlightment

The Best Four Day Excursion Ever was to PortLand, Oregon

The adventure began the day the significant other decided to take a plane to Portland since the free ticket was ready to expire from the Southwest airlines rewards and the destination could be crossed off the bucket list at the same time. Sounds like the makings of an excursion plan, I thought. At least that is the initial ingredients of a new excursion in this writer's household.

One specific destination on the bucket list was the Giant Redwoods along the California coastline. Yes, it would require some driving from Portland and staying the night in two locations, but the experience would be well worth the time spent on the road. The plan was coming together well. A whole day in the city of Portland was available to enjoy before our plane would board, what shenanigans could we get into in Portland on our last day. After doing a little research there was no problem filling day with potential sites to see. As a Master Gardener through the local Extension Service and avid fan of Japanese Gardens, the Japanese Gardens in Portland were definitely on the short list.

To my delight, I would later find out that these particular gardens have been proclaimed the most authentic Japanese Gardens outside of Japan. They are nestled over 5.5 acres on the scenic hillside of Portland, Oregon. Though you will likely marvel over the pictures I've taken, I can tell you the experience of the gardens cannot be expressed in words. It is truly a spiritual experience with nature and the elements of air, water and earth. The essential Japanese attributes for authenticating gardens are all present and accounted for in hill gardens, dry gardens, and tea gardens as you will see from the pictures. Take special notice to the grounds in that they appear in a natural setting, though well manicured, when in fact it is all man-made and planned down to the last pebble.


All Manmade But Appear As Nature's Own

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Looks like a natural pond deep within the woods, but notice how each tree and shrub are perfectly maintained and controlled for the yin and yang experience
Looks like a natural pond deep within the woods, but notice how each tree and shrub are perfectly maintained and controlled for the yin and yang experience
Looks like a natural pond deep within the woods, but notice how each tree and shrub are perfectly maintained and controlled for the yin and yang experience | Source

Three Styles Represented

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Meditation Garden
Meditation Garden
Meditation Garden | Source

Three Styles Of Japanese Gardens

All three styles of Japanese Gardens are found within the acreage of lush gardens in Portland. All were designed to provide balance of the positive and negative forces of nature. The opposites of Yin and Yang come into harmony within the garden environment which inspires the unity of the desires of the spirit and the mundane requirements of life. What a thrill for the experience of inner peace and the outer green thumb.

Tsukiyana Gardens(hill gardens) - these gardens emulate natural scenery with the creation of ponds, streams, hills, stones, trees, flowers, bridges and paths. The scales vary according the area available.

Karesansni Gardens (dry gardens) - used for Zen Buddhism meditation through abstract landscapes a rhythm is created using stone, gravel, sand, moss to represent mountains, islands, water and boats.

Chaniwa Gardens (tea gardens) - specifically built for tea ceremonies designed for aesthetic simplicity, this featured garden has typical stone pathways, stone lanterns and stone basins for purification before the ceremony.

Flowering Mount Fuji Bonsai


Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon:
Portland, OR, USA

get directions

Flying into Portland, Oregon was an excursion we will never forget, it will rank highly on one of the most interesting and fun experiences of our life

Bonsai's Are Contagious

 Some of the most beautiful evergreens I've experienced are miniature bonsai in botanical settings.  Years ago when vacationing in Epcot there was a Bonsai exhibit that will thrill my minds eye for life consisting of two to three foot versions of the Pin Oak tree, the Southern Magnolia, a lovely cedar and a few others that would take your breath away at the their magnificance. 

When I retire I plan to learn this magnificant art of training miniatures.  I am nurturing one small bonsai currently that put off lovely little white flowers just recently. 

Start Your Own Bonsai Experience

Copyright Notice

The text and all images on this page, unless otherwise indicated, are by Lisa Storck who hereby asserts her copyright on the material. Should you wish to use any of the text or images feel free to do so with proper attribution and, if possible, a link back to this page. Thank you.

© Lisa Storck 2011




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    • Golfgal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from McKinney, Texas

      Thanks V, Yes and that is the whole point of the yin and yang, that ability to loose oneself as an individual and become part of the nature around you. Isn't that something that you even got that from a picture. That is how awesome the experience actually is when you are there in person. Glad you came by, it was very nice to meet you and I hope to see you again soon. I will also check out your writings.

    • viveresperando profile image


      7 years ago from A Place Where Nothing Is Real

      voted up and beautiful... I could lose myself in those pictures of yours!


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