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Public Internet Access: Fletcher Free Library

Updated on April 3, 2011


 The Fletcher Free Library is located at:

235 College Street
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Phone Number: 802-863-3403

Burlington, Vermont was where I lived for almost three years. Until I bought my now deceased laptop (RIP) the Fletcher Free Library was a place where I spent a lot of time.

The library is located at the only even ground on College Street. If you walk in either direction you will either be going uphill, or downhill. Across the street you will see the main office for the Burlington First Night committee and the Roxy Cinema, which features independant film as well as major pictures. (I said pictures, I'm so old school.)

Number of Computers

There are ten computers for Internet access. They are located on the first floor. As you walk into the library entrance you will see them to the left, near the magazine racks and case where the old news archives and the projector are located.

Net Junky Protip: Two things to keep in mind when you make your reservation. 1: Please read the receipt carefully to determine which computer you are supposed to sit at. The computers are very clearly marked and it's annoying as all get out to explain this to people who fail to show a little reading comprehension.

2: The bathrooms are located on the second floor. I highly recommend using them before making your reservation as people will not hesititate to jump on a computer, regardless of whose account is actually on it at them moment.

To Get on the Internet

 If you do not possess a Fletcher Free Library card, you will need to ask the librarians at tha main desk for a guest pass. You may need a driver's license or non-photo identification for this. (Yes, they need to be valid. No there is no room for negotiation here.)

Once you recieve your guess pass, you must go to the designated computer at the appointed time and type the number into appropriate field on the screen. Like the Beverly Library, your session will be a half hour, but if there is no one waiting, you will be offered an extension for up to two full hours.

Customer Service Rating 5+

 Now, at times, the staff at Fletcher Free Library are very knowledgable and usually eager to help. Note how I said, at times. The people who really cost this place points on the CSR scale are the volunteers.

I have nothing against student volunteers. I love UVM campus, the history and just the idea that so many people have come through Burlington just in the time that I lived there like Kris Kristofferson, Chelsea Clinton, Barack Obama, and Zack Effron, just to name a few.

But some of the student volunteers pretty much just sit there, at the desk of the computer section, and they can get pretty pretentious. It's like they really don't want to be there and they take it out on you, the taxpayer who is giving them a place to get their work study credit. This is not all of the, naturally. But in my experience, a few bad apples in customer service does spoil it for the whole bunch. Maybe after reading this, the people in charge of the program will take a good long look at some of the people they place in charge of the computer area.


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