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Quality Inn - Ukiah, California - Hotel Review

Updated on July 17, 2017

"I will NEVER go back to one of these hotels again!"

- Quote of former guest

Looks Nice But Think Twice!

Review of My Personal Stay at the Ukiah Quality Inn

I drove in near midnight with my two daughters. I had my cat in the car, which the evening attendant was well aware of. The night temperatures were in the low 60's and my cat slept in the car from the time I checked in right until I drove away. This hotel decided to charge me for having a cat in the room. Mind you, the cat never left the car. Is this how you would like your stay to go when you are at a hotel? Would you like to receive an unwarranted charge without reason or proof?

I contacted this Ukiah Quality Inn to request photo or video footage to prove their claim and spoke to someone we shall refer to as Dee. Of course, no evidence could be produced since it did not happen. I gave her my email and awaited the proof that has not yet been emailed, as of the time of the publication of this article. I clearly informed her this matter would be taken further and she would be reported. As soon as I hung up, I reported her actions to my credit card holder and to the Quality Inn Corporate Headquarters.

My credit card holder canceled my card from further use by the Quality Inn of Ukiah and began an immediate investigation, stating they would contact this hotel directly. I also contacted the Quality Inn Corporate Office Headquarters and spoke to a member in Choice Customer Relations, who spoke to the hotel while I was on hold.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

CC by Flickr,
CC by Flickr, | Source

When You Contact Quality Inn Customer Relations

After a 45-minute conversation on the Quality Inn Corporate Headquarters phone line, here is summary of the conversation I had with Customer Relations.

The initial Corporate Representative took my name, phone number and email. She promised I would receive a reply within 72 hours. While I waited on hold, she contacted the Ukiah Quality Inn and spoke to Dee, the person who overcharged me. She then returned to my line and reported I would receive confirmation of their "proof" within that time frame. I am currently still waiting nearly two weeks later. However, since it never happened, there is no proof. The Corporate Representative requested Dee to reverse the charge. Dee refused.

As I mentioned to Dee when I spoke to her, I again reiterated the fact that I would report this online in my review - and also to the Better Business Bureau. I do not take theft or lying lightly. I informed the Quality Inn Corporate Representative that Dee was lying and stealing from me and that I would not be able to let this go since it was illegal and unethical.

Though perhaps unfair, when one travels, sadly, it's possible to encounter people of this nature. The best we can do is rise above it and warn fellow would-be travelers of the potholes ahead on the road of life.

Don't Take My Word For It. Get the Low Down on Yelp!

CC by Flickr, Terry Donaghe
CC by Flickr, Terry Donaghe | Source

Yelp Reviews Of Ukiah Quality Inn

I usually will stay at a hotel that has three or more stars on Yelp but, for whatever reason, Yelp is not factoring in the two 1-star reviews on their website that revealed customers were lied to and treated poorly by the management. So, their real rating should be 2-stars on Yelp.

Looks to my untrained eye like a pattern here.... hmmm... You be the judge.

Check out the Yelp reviews of people who were turned away (even though they had prepaid for the night) and were forced to find another hotel after paying for this one. To read all the Yelp reviews of Quality Inn Ukiah, be sure to click on the link below the initial reviews listed. The link is labelled "2 other reviews... " Click here to read them. You can also see the bed bug photos of prior customers by clicking on the photos here.

Ukiah Quality Inn - Bed Bugs?

If I had known about the customer history wtih bed bugs, I would not have stopped there at all! See Yelp for more details.
If I had known about the customer history wtih bed bugs, I would not have stopped there at all! See Yelp for more details. | Source

More Reviews of Quality Inn by OTHER Hotel Guests

(The following actual reviews of hotel guests were transcribed from the Quality Inn Corporate Headquarters website, which you can find at this link. Privacy of hotel guests was maintained in this reprint.)


I will NEVER go back to one of these hotels again! Myself and 26 other family members stayed at this hotel in Moorehead Kentucky and more than half of us left with lice and bedbugs!!!! It was a very dirty and had alot of electric and water problems.They also served spoiled waffle mis 3 days in a row and I told them about it and they would not change it. When we told them about the bedbug bites they said "ohh your rooms have them too?". I witnessed a family of 3 leave the hotel because of bed bugs and they had to leave all their stuff behind and left in their underwear because it was so bad! I could not believe it! I am contacting the health department and anyone else i can to get that hotel closed down untill its fit for people to stay in. Please if anyone else has had these problems please post them because i am using these comments to get something done about this company!


I agree with above! Had extended stay at Quality Inn in Big Spring Tx due to my job.Over 3 months Dec 2012 to March 2013. Stayed in 3 different rooms all with unsatisfactory qualities(maybe that where they justify the quality in there name because i failed to see it in any other aspect of my stay). First noticed bathroom door would not stay shut,would frequently pop open and i feel this is important when rooming with fellow employees.There free Wi-Fi is a joke to say the least. Continental Breakfast was the same every morning till i quit going, featuring cold powdered egg's and either no or cold coffee.There were electrical outlets in all 3 rooms that did not work,not to mention in 2 rooms when you turned off the bath room light the fire alarm would go off for one good honk.In one room they had the microwave and mini fridge running off a undersized household ext cord running from counter (where none of the 2 outlets worked)to an outlet 5 feet away.The door key card had to be updated near daily.And in addition to a spider bite on one of my toe's while sleeping my MP3 player was stolen by the cleaning staff.


I agree this was the worse experiance I have every had. I go to file a complaint and they want a $25 fee.


My family stayed at the Quality Inn in Midtown Savannah, GA twice. The first time in June of 2013 the walls were dirty, blankets and bedspreads were dirty. We complained upon checked-out.

We decided to give it another try last weekend. Dirty walls in the room, mold stain 12 x 5" behind the toilet tank in bathroom, broken lampshade, dirty blankets. Then to add insult to injury, the maid comes in to clean and must have used a dirty rag as the mirror was completedly smeared all the way across.

Upon check-out I asked for a questionnaire. The clerk didn't even care about my complaints and said there was no such form.

If this is QUALITY, I'm not going for it again!

(There are several more complaints of this hotel chain on their hotel website.)

Scene of the Crime - State Street Hotel in Ukiah, CA

A markerQuality Inn Ukiah California -
1050 S State St, Ukiah, CA 95482, USA
get directions

Have a Bad Experience with the Quality Inn?

Here's where you can report to the Quality Inn Corporate Headquarters your concern, if you have issues with your stay.

Quality Inn Hotels Corporate Office Headquarters
Choice Hotels International, Inc.
10750 Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000
Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157
Customer Service Number: 1-877-424-6423

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Report your issue with the Better Business Bureau

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