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Quirky Things While Traveling

Updated on November 19, 2011
The sun did come out for a moment after all.
The sun did come out for a moment after all.
The steps to the WC.
The steps to the WC.
My new hair cut.
My new hair cut.
Gary's new cosmopolitan cut.. must get a picture without the hat :)
Gary's new cosmopolitan cut.. must get a picture without the hat :)

Quirky things we have experienced so far have been lights off in hotel hallways.

We get back from our walk the first day in Montpellier, blurry eyed we take the elevator up to our floor and the door opens to... blackness, what the? Well as we paw the walls trying to find the room we accidently hit a switch - it seems that to conserve electricity hallways are only lit as needed. Since then we have experience blackened hallways which have had motion detectors, but the first time was a tad bit unnerving - thought a lot about Bates Hotel... as we were the only ones there - except for Mama...

Stand up toilets... got to experience them twice.

Must look up somewhere about proper etiquette. Very bizarre. The first was in a rural bar near a river. It was pouring down rain and we stopped in hoping the rain would stop. We were determined to see the village... so we thought that the sky’s may brighten after a coffee. The bathroom was dark without a light and there it was the stand up floor toilet... there were two raised foot-like platforms to stand on.... hmmmm, Gary and I looked at each other when we got back to the table each wondering what to say.

The second was at the seaward Castle of L’Ametlla de Mer ... we went up to the WC and there was another stand up... this time it was quite amazing as in the wall there was a slit so you could view the ocean below and mountains in the vista. I still don’t know the protocol, as this isn’t a question I feel comfortable asking the lady at the tourist office :}

The third thing was Gary’s and my desire to get a European hair cut. I got mine in Montpellier and Gary got his on Barcelona Street. Here is a picture of me with my new hair cut of Gary with his, although his is hard to see under his hat :)

The fourth thing is shared dressing rooms. It turns out that at least at our hotel in Garrucha the swimming area’s dressing areas are for both men and women. Very interesting.


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    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 7 years ago from trailer in the country

      I enjoyed reading and the pictures...especially the one with the stairs in the wall...I am trying to check out all of your posted pictures. Blessings

    • profile image

      Graham | Andalucia 7 years ago

      Not all of Andalucias toilets are like that, some are really crude :-)