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Rainy Season in Hawaii

Updated on October 18, 2010

Ever wonder why Hawaii is just so gorgeous? Well, it rains a lot. Some days make you feel like you live in the produce section of the grocery store: just a sprinkling now and then to wake you up. Other days can be completely dry. And other days can be one huge downpour which makes you feel like the ocean got turned upside down.

Rainy Season in Hawaii generally lasts from November through March. Depending on where you are, the rain can be nonstop or intermittent throughout the day. The good news is that lightning is very rare. So you can be outside, even if it is pouring! But don’t think it is always raining during rainy season. There are still days of sunshine, and Hawaii is just as beautiful when it rains as when it doesn’t rain.

The rainiest side of a Hawaiian island is the northeast side, also known as the windward side. The leeward side is very dry in comparison. If the rain is getting you down, go chase some sunshine! It’s bound to be found somewhere on the island.


Rainy Season
Rainy Season | Source


A thought on rain:

Isn’t it weird that we can breathe in a rainstorm without drowning?

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Things to be aware of during rainy season:


Unexpected rainfall. You never know when it’s going to rain. When it does rain, enjoy the beauty and the cooler temperatures. Relax and revel in the beauty of God’s creation. If you don’t like getting wet, remember to take an umbrella with you wherever you go.


Eroded hiking trails. Hiking in Hawaii can be very dangerous when the trail is wet. Due to the composition of the soil and rock (which is volcanic), trails get washed out very easily. Even if a trail looks safe, underneath it the rock may be eroded away. Don’t get too close to that cliff overlooking that gorgeous waterfall! It’s better to be safe than dead with a camera full of great pictures. Always be aware of where you are and what the trail conditions really are.


Flash flooding. Due to heavy rainfall in the mountains, flash flooding can occur at unexpected times. Local television stations will post flash flood warnings. Avoid driving during these warning times.


Dirty beach water. River runoff can cause a lot of debris in the ocean. Beaches near rivers will be dirty.


Mold and mildew. With cooler temperatures and less sunshine in the winter, this is the time of year when mold grows the most. Keep books and other valuables away from windows on the windward (northeast) side of the house.


Smelly towels. Because of the high humidity in Hawaii, things don’t dry very fast. Bathrooms without windows are very dark and make perfect homes for mold and mildew. Towels need to be washed often to prevent mildew.


Insects. The rain will drive insects inside your house in search of warmth and dryness. Ants especially! Keep food sealed and crumbs swept away to minimize the amount of ants in your kitchen.


Water damage. Always keep an eye on the windows on the windward side of your house. Unexpected rainfall can get heavy very fast, and whatever you have by the windows can get soaked fast!


Closed roads and bridges. Flash floods and rising water levels can cause dangerous situations on roads and bridges. They can be closed without much of a warning.


Puddles. When life gives you rain, jump in the puddles!


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