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Revamping the 'Urban Core' of Jacksonville Florida

Updated on November 15, 2013

Downtown Jax

Donnetta E. Williams
Donnetta E. Williams | Source

The Revitalization of downtown Jacksonville

Finally something is now being done with the old and uniquely positioned and structured buildings in Jacksonville Florida's downtown community. Growing up in the heart of where I consider Jacksonville's true essence to be, the Brooklyn neighborhood will be revamped into what is the 'Urban Core' of the city. It will consist of a new complex to house hundreds of residential units along with a retail space that will include a shopping center, a community park and a unity plaza, which will include a full calendar of art entertainment.

Another part of the city's improvement will be restructuring the city's core-downtown Jacksonville. This Urban Core revitalization will create new restaurants rooftop bar hotels, a university level education center which will house new student housing apartments- lofts etc. The creation of new businesses in this area will not just flourish a feeling of security and safety within the minds of city residents it will mean a rise of job creation and a decrease of our city's unemployment rate. If the streets of our downtown is busy now just wait it'll become even busier.

This revival of what some city residence refer to as downtown Jax, will open many doors, one of them being that it will bring a sense of life back into the people's hearts about the city. In turn creating a positive outlook for a forgotten place. Downtown Jacksonville will be a place that one can build memories of enjoyment.

Please visit for more information on the improvement of the Brooklyn neighborhood.


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