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Rhode Island School of Design museum

Updated on September 7, 2009

Rhode island school of Design museum of art is not only a place to view beautiful creations reflecting the changes of art throughout the ages, but has managed to transform into a place of refuge. There are regulars there. Nurses, waitresses, the elderly, students and many other representatives of many elements of society, who come there to gather their thoughts and relax. Among Rhode Islanders, it is a commonly shared secret place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Unlike many other museums in larger states, one never has to worry about annoying guards watching your every move, as you saunter through 45 different galleries. There are displays separated into the following categories: Asian, contemporary, Ancient, Costume and textiles, Decorative, painting and sculpture, and prints, drawings & photographs. Regardless of what exhibit you decide to attend, you will find yourself surrounded by an interesting blend of people all joined by a desire to view the beautiful creations.

The school of Design and museum were simultaneously established after the civil war as a result of the boom in industrialization and manufacturing in the tiny state. The region became known for its production of Jewelery, Silverware and needed tools and engines, with a need for better design. In the years prior, the Rhode Island art association, was chartered in 1854 in an attempt to establish a permanent gallery of art and design within the state. Unfortunately, with the absence of funding, it was not established until 1877 after the Rhode island womens commissioned donated One thousand, six hundred seventy-five dollars toward its founding.

Risd, as it is commonly and affectionately referred to by the pronunciation of it's acronym, is located in the peaceful student and wealthy east side of providence. Most of the buildings in that area are remnants of architecture from the founding of providence by Roger Williams in 1836, as one of the thirteen colonies. A short distance from down town, the surrounding area is shaded by huge maple trees shading rolling hills and stone walls. A breathtaking site, surrounding the five buildings comprising the museum and school, giving it the picture perfect collegiate atmosphere. There are always new ongoing exhibitions with affordable ticket prices. It is open from 10:00 am to 5:00pm, Tuesday through Sunday.

On Sunday, there is a pay as you wish price and there is a program called free for all Saturdays, occuring on the last Saturday in each month, with the exception of December. Members and children under five, enter free and on all other days, the prices range from three to ten dollars. It is a small price to pay for Southeastern New Englands only comprehensive art museum.


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