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Road Rally Thrift Tour Itinerary for Medina, Seville and Wadsworth, Ohio

Updated on May 5, 2013

by Megathrift Tours for Thrift and Consignment

A road rally thrift adventure through Northeast Ohio

A new journey will begin on Saturday, May 11, 2013 as we set off for parts unknown in the quest of finding new stores and discounted items! This will be a great experience for those of us who dedicate our lives to finding what we want and need at a price we can afford.

Making news friends and contacts along the way, I wish us both the best in our travels!

The Itinerary

Greetings! As most of you know, we are LONG overdue for another tour. This is a very exiting trip as most of our members have never been to any of the stores we will be visiting today. If this is your first time participating in one of our tours, welcome! We generally end up with 20-30 people and have a blast. If you are a returning “veteran”, thank you! We couldn’t do it without you.

Acknowledgement: I would like to thank page member Lisa Wilson Stadvec for her valuable input on today’s itinerary. Without you we would not have had knowledge of these shops!

Note: Lisa has also agreed to research any multi-family garage sales that may be happening in those areas of interest as well. Thanks, Lisa!

First things first: We have a great deal of ground to cover today and this is a new style of itinerary than I am used to. Depending on your needs, you will be choosing your own shops in both Historic Medina and Seville to visit. I will provide you with a list of what they are and their locations.

Pack your groceries!

In the interest of time and location, might I suggest you pack lunch for your parties and eat on the run so that you don’t miss anything! The best selection of fast food restaurants will be in Wadsworth and it could be after 1 pm before we make it to that area.

Starting Point: 9 a.m.


3500 Medina Rd

Medina, OH

Directions to Goodwill from Canton:

Take I-77 North toward Akron.

Merge onto I-277 W / US 224 W via exit 122B on the left toward Barberton.

Merge onto I-76 E via Exit 1 toward I-77/N Cleveland

Merge onto I-77 N via Exit 20 on the left toward Cleveland

Merge onto Medina Rd/OH-18W via Exit 137B toward Medina

Goodwill is on the LEFT.

Directions to Historic Medina, OH

(When leaving Goodwill on Medina Rd, it is 2.76 miles to your next destination, Historic Medina):

1.Start out going west on Medina Rd/OH-18 toward Village Gate. Continue to follow OH-18.

2.Turn right onto S Jefferson St/OH-18 E/OH-3 N.

Turn left onto E Liberty St/OH-18 W/OH-3 S.

**FIND A PUBLIC SPOT TO PARK AND ENJOY ANY or ALL of these shops along with other retail establishments**

Historic Medina: (free parking in all city lots and public garage)

4 Ladies & More

101 Public Square, (330) 725-1618

Medina, OH

Fashionable consignment shop for ladies, featuring designer names, jewelry, and more

Again & Again Consignment Boutique

232 S. Court Street, (330) 952-1267

Medina, OH

Clothing and home accessory consignment

Archwood Estate Liquidators (estate and resale specialist)

45 Public Square, (330) 461-0003

Medina, OH

City Center Thrift

831 S Court St

Medina, OH

Gingerbread House

309 S. Broadway Street, (330) 725-4622

Medina, OH

Children's clothing resale

Life's Treasures Hospice

317 South Court St

Medina, OH


Perfectly Charming

248 S. Court Street, (330) 723-5080

Medina, OH

Shabby Chic, antiques, collectibles

The Bookshelf

105 W. Liberty Street, (330) 723-1314

Medina, OH

Book resale shop to benefit literacy programs

Whitey's Army Navy Store

2 Public Square, (330) 723-8604

Medina, OH

One of the classics of the district, featuring surplus Army & Navy goods and Scouting items for the whole family

Historic Medina, OH MAP

Directions to Seville, OH

Leaving Historic Medina and heading toward Seville, OH:

1. Start out going southwest on E Liberty St/Public Sq/OH-57 N/OH-18 W/OH-3 S toward N Court St/US-42.

2. Take the 1st left onto S Court St/US-42/OH-3. Continue to follow OH-3.

(Fountain of Grace is on the corner: If you are on W Liberty St and reach S Elmwood St you've gone about 0.1 miles too far)

3. Turn right onto W Main St/OH-3. (W Main St is just past Spring St - Seville Community Library is on the right. If you are on Milton St and reach E Market St you've gone a little too far)

*Seville shops will be having tent sales today too. Forgive me for not having all of the names of them, but there are about 8 really neat shops to see both retail and resale in the area. We’ll find them!

Funky Junk Boutique (330)769-4637
5 W Main St
Seville , OH

Seville Antiques (330)769-9400
14 Milton St
Seville, OH

Vintage Corner Antiques and Collectibles (330)769-2000
30 Center St
Seville, OH

The Rusty Bucket (216)659-4037
25 Center St
Seville, OH

Seville, OH Map

Directions to Wadsworth, OH

Heading for Wadsworth: 1st stop / Goodwill

  1. Start out going east on W Main St/OH-3 toward Milton St/Center St.

2. Take the 1st left onto Center St/OH-3. (Seville Community Library is on the left

If you are on E Main St and reach Liberty St you've gone a little too far)

3. Merge onto I-76 E/US-224 E. (If you are on Wooster Pike and reach Park Ave W you've gone about 0.1 miles too far)

4. Take the OH-94 exit, EXIT 9, toward N Royalton/Wadsworth.

5. Turn left onto High St/OH-94. (Casa Del Rio Restaurant is on the corner

If you reach I-76 E you've gone about 0.2 miles too far)

6. Turn left onto Great Oaks Trl. (McDonald's is on the left. If you reach Smokerise Dr you've gone about 0.2 miles too far)

7. 170 GREAT OAKS TRL is on the right. (If you reach Freedom Dr you've gone a little too far)

You are now at GOODWILL.

Wadsworth Thrift Shopping

When leaving GOODWILL, you will go next door to déjà vu Consignments at 172 Great Oaks Trail.

When leaving here you will be headed to TRENDY THREADS:

  1. Start out going west on Great Oaks Trl toward Freedom Dr.
  2. Make a U-turn at Freedom Dr onto Great Oaks Trl. (If you reach Deepwood Dr you've gone a little too far)
  3. Turn right onto High St/OH-94. (McDonald's is on the right, If you reach the end of Park Center Dr you've gone about 0.2 miles too far)
  4. Turn left onto E Boyer St. (E Boyer St is 0.1 miles past E Prospect St. CVS Pharmacy is on the right. If you reach Maple St you've gone a little too far)
  5. Take the 1st right onto N Lyman St. (Hilliard-Rospert Funeral Home is on the right.

If you reach Highland Ave you've gone a little too far)

  1. 173 N LYMAN ST is on the left. (If you reach Maple St you've gone a little too far)

When you leave Trendy Threads you will be headed toward EM’S NOOK:

  1. Start out going south on N Lyman St toward Maple St.
  2. Take the 2nd left onto Broad St/Greenwich Rd. (Broad St is just past Highland Pl.

MARATHON is on the corner. If you are on S Lyman St and reach Park Ct you've gone about 0.1 miles too far)

  1. Turn left onto Hartman Rd. (Hartman Rd is 0.2 miles past High Point Dr, If you reach Silvercreek Rd you've gone about 0.1 miles too far)
  2. 127 HARTMAN RD is on the right. (If you reach Brook Rd you've gone about 0.2 miles too far)

When leaving Em’s Nook you will be headed to THE SHOPS AT SHADES OF BLUE:

  1. Start out going south on Hartman Rd toward Broad St/Greenwich Rd.
  2. Turn left onto Broad St/Greenwich Rd.
  3. 869 BROAD ST is on the right. (Your destination is 0.1 miles past Silvercreek Rd

If you reach Wilson Rd you've gone a little too far)

Directions from Wadsworth to Canton, OH

By now I’m sure you have had a full day and it is time to head for the stables! Here are directions to Canton:

  1. Start out going west on Broad St/Greenwich Rd toward Silvercreek Rd.
  2. Take the 1st right onto Hartman Rd. (Hartman Rd is 0.1 miles past Silvercreek Rd

If you reach High Point Dr you've gone about 0.2 miles too far)

  1. Turn right onto Akron Rd/OH-261.

4.Merge onto US-224 E toward Akron. (If you are on Akron Rd and reach S Medina Line Rd you've gone about 0.3 miles too far)

5.Merge onto I-77 S via EXIT 4A toward Canton.

Thanks for participating in today’s tour and be sure to share this itinerary with friends and family for your own personal use. May you always find exactly what you need at exactly the price you want to pay for it!

If you are not a fan on our facebook page, please join us for other outstanding sales event information:

I also have a copy of this tour itinerary in PDF. Please feel free to email me ( and request a copy.


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    • mybestadvice profile image

      mybestadvice 4 years ago from Canton, Ohio

      This was an awesome tour of stores I had not yet been to. I will definitely revisit each of them.

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