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Best Romantic Destinations in Uttarakhand for Honeymooners

Updated on September 17, 2015

Uttarakhand a Honeymooners Delight

Uttarakhand state is like a Himalayan jewel studded beautifully in the neck line of India. It is nestled with love and care in the northern part of India. The state is bordered by Tibet on the north and Mahakali Zone of Nepal on the east. It is out lined by the Indian states Uttar Pradesh to the south and Himachal Pradesh to the northwest.

Uttarakhand is known for its aesthetic natural beauty which sprawls over Bhabhar and Tarai region. The state is divided into two divisions namely Garhwal and Kumaun. These two divisions possess some of the most romantic destinations which offers an ideal getaway for the newly married couples. One can't stop admiring the magnificent beauty of the mountainous terrains in Harsil, the cascading waterfalls at Mussoorie, the pristine lakes of Nainital and the scent of old cedar trees which blends perfectly with the natural charm of this place.

Nature seems to allure the newlyweds for a romantic getaway in Uttarakhand


A sweet escape in the picturesque places of Uttarakhand

The unadulterated beauty of the quaint hills of Uttarakhand offers a romantic getaway to the honeymoon couples. The refreshing vistas of Uttarakhand are bestowed with natures abundance, which is a home to many life forms. The picturesque places of Uttarakhand and its pristine hamlets offers a sweet escape to the love birds who want to spend quality time in the verdure of nature. A brief description has been given below about romantic places such as Mussoorie, Chamba, Nainital, Pangot, Binsar, Lansdowne, Mukteshwar, Munsiyari and Ranikhet which offers an ideal retreat for the honeymooners.

Map of Mussoorie

Mussoorie ''The Queen of Hills''

Mussoorie which is also known as ''The Queen of Hills'' is famous for its majestic peaks which are covered in snow during winters. The pristine town of Mussoorie used to be a Britishers hill station during post Independence period of India. It is located at distance of 275 km by road and Ariel distance being 219 km from the capital Delhi. The hill station is perched at an average altitude of 1,880 meters whereas, the highest vantage point is Laal Tibba which is 2,990 meters high. There are many scenic places which are visited by a large number of tourists all around the year.

Romance in the ''Queen of Hills''

Newly weds can enjoy boating on Lake Mist or Mussoorie Lake and have a shopping spree at Mall Road. Be allured by the ravishing beauty of Bhatta Falls, Jharipani Falls and Kempty Falls which are among the hot spots of Mussoorie. Go for sightseeing to Clouds End, Laal Tibba and Landour which is a home to an eminent Anglo-Indian author Ruskin Bond. The awe inspiring beauty of Mussoorie, touched the heart of the famous children's author Ruskin Bond so deeply that he never left this place ever since. Famous hill station such as Dhanaulti and Chakrata are at a favorable distance from Mussoorie.

Snowfall at Mussoorie
Snowfall at Mussoorie | Source


The bewitching beauty of Chamba situated in Tehri Garhwal district is a treat to the eyes. It is located at a distance of 577.8 km from Delhi which is 10 hours 16 minutes drive via NH 1. The misty hills, serene trails, tranquil vistas and boulevard flooded with blossoms makes it an ''Abode of Aphrodite'' the goddess of love. The lovely couples can go for a nature quest and unveil their soul amidst natural surroundings. The tiny hamlet possess wildlife sanctuaries, pristine lakes and various sacred shrines that are visited by a large number of devotees. Summers are pleasant here, monsoons are romantic and winters are chilly with heavy snowfall.

Explore the natural beauty of Chamba

The couples can spend some lovable moments while boating on Lake Khajjar and visit Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. The newly wedded couples can enrapture in spiritual bliss at Narayan Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple and Church of Scotland which is a remarkable piece of structure. Sit by the lake side of Manimahesh Lake and spend some quality time at Chamba Central Park. Visit Chamera Dam and admire a panoramic view of the surrounding hills at Kailash View.

Crimson colored sun rays bidding farewell to the hills of Chamba
Crimson colored sun rays bidding farewell to the hills of Chamba | Source

Map of Nainital

Nainital ''The City of Lakes''

Nainital famously known as ''The Lake District of India'' is located in the Kumaun district of Uttarakhand state. It is famous for its emerald green lakes which is blessed with scenic splendor. Nainital is 309.0 km away from Delhi via NH 24 and 337.4 km via NH 58. The soul rejuvenating beauty of the lakes charms the honeymoon couples. When the first sunbeam falls on Naini Lake it appears as if several lanterns are being lit up which is a delightful sight to see.

Things to do in Nainital

There are innumerable things which the couples can do in Nainital like boating on Naini Lake, having a romantic walk by the lakeside, going on nature quest and engrossing in each others lovely presence while sitting on the benches.The couples can stroll around at The Flats which is a famous market area, visit Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo, Eco Cave Garden and Tiffin Top. The adventure loving couples can go for trekking to Binayak and have a cable car ride to Snow View Point. One can admire a panoramic view of the beauteous town from Naina Peak which is the highest vantage point of Nainital. The couples can also visit the tempting Sattal, Bhimtal, Nakuchiatal, Khurpatal lakes which are in vicinity of Nainital.

Emerald green lake of Nainital
Emerald green lake of Nainital | Source

Map of Pangot

Pangot ''A bird lovers paradise''

Pangot is a popular hill station which is located 50 km away from Nainital and about 315.6 km from Delhi. It is a bird watcher's paradise where more than 150 species of colorful birds have been recorded. The lush green environs and the melody of the chirping birds will make your stay pleasurable at Pangot.


One should visit Pangot during winters as the spellbinding sight of the snow clad peaks will make your stay memorable. The pleasant climate, verdant forests, snowy peaks and serene landscape makes the aura divine.The couples can go for sightseeing, nature walks and enjoy trekking on the mountainous terrains. Pangot is an ideal honeymoon destination for couples who want to spend alone time in the lap of nature; far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

White-tailed nuthatch at Pangot
White-tailed nuthatch at Pangot | Source

Map of Binsar


The sleepy town of Binsar is perched at an elevation of 7,900 feet above sea level which is the highest hill station of the Kumaun region. It is located approximately 402.9 km away from Delhi. The undisturbed beauty of Binsar attracts a lot of tourists who fall in love with the charismatic beauty of this heavenly place. Nature reveals itself in full bloom at Binsar as the alluring vistas and tempting environs makes the rendezvous nostalgic.

Hot spots of Binsar

The couples can spot a wide variety of birds such as fork-tail, blackbirds, magpies, parakeets, monal, woodpeckers and many more at Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. There are more than 200 species of birds in the sanctuary therefore, it has been declared as an 'Important Bird Area by Bird Life International'. Have an enchanting view of Nanda Devi, Trishul and Kedarnath peaks from Binsar Zero Point. Bow your heads in faith in front of the sacred 13th century, Bineshwar Temple. The couples must visit some of the famous tourist attractions which includes Mary Budden Estate, Khali Estate, Binsar Sanctuary Museum and Kasar Devi Temple.

Love is in the air at Binsar
Love is in the air at Binsar | Source

Map of Lansdowne


Lansdowne is a fairy tale village cocooned in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. It was named after then Viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne who was also the founder of this place. The hill station was built by the Britishers for carrying out training sessions of the famous Garhwal Rifles. It is a cantonment town which is surrounded by dense forests of oak, pine and rhododendrons. The tiny hamlet is located about 257.8 km from Delhi which is merely 5 hours 57 minutes drive via NH 119.

Famous tourist attractions of Lansdowne

The peaceful environment and quietude experienced at Lansdowne allures nature worshipers, writers, solitude seekers and honeymoon couples to visit this place. Some of the must visit places of Lansdowne are The Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial, Darban Singh Regimental Museum, St. Mary's Church, Bhulla Tal, Tiffin Top, Bhim Pakora and Hawaghar.

St. Mary's Chuch at Lansdowne
St. Mary's Chuch at Lansdowne | Source

Map of Mukteshwar


The beautiful town of Mukteshwar located in the Nainital district is an epitome of beauty and diversity. One can admire the glory of the hills, the hue formed on the contour of the Himalayas and the camouflaging glimpse of the birds peeping from the over reaching branches of the trees. Mukteshwar is situated at a distance of 51 km from Nainital, 72 km from Haldwani and 343 km from Delhi.

Ideal destinations of Mukteshwar

The penchant for the untouched beauty of the hills brings the nature lovers to enrapture in the beauty of Mukteshwar. The honeymoon couples must visit the famous Mukteshwar Inspection Bunglow, Chauli Ki Jhali, Mukteshwar Temple, Methodist Church and The View of Himalayas which is also known as Renewable Park. The adventure loving couples can feel a gush of adrenaline rushing through their veins while rock climbing on the cliffs of Mukteshwar.

A mesmerizing view of dusk from Mukteshwar
A mesmerizing view of dusk from Mukteshwar | Source


Munsiyari is a quaint hill station located in Pithoragarh district, about 604.4 km from Delhi. One can have a mesmerizing view of the snow clad peaks surrounding the township. It is a perfect place to make lovely memories of a new journey as there is nobody to disturb from the outside world. Time seems to stop at Munsiyari and one can listen to the careless whisper of the winds. The couples can go for adventurous trekking, explore the natural surroundings and enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities


The best time to visit Munsiyari is between March to April, during this time the forests are flooded with rhododendron flowers. The couples can visit Bhirthi Falls and Thamari Kund which is a natural lake. One can admire the scarlet colored rhododendrons blooming at Betulidhar and the cluster of five majestic peaks of Panchuli from Munsiyari in the Johar Valley. Go for an exciting trek to Khaliya Top from where you can see 360 degree view of the Himalayan ranges. Munsiyari has many tourists places to visit like Maheshwari Kund, Thamari Kund, Darkot, Nanda Devi Temple, Tribal Heritage Museum, Balanti Potato Farm, Kalimuni Top, Dharchula and Narayan Ashram.

Glorifying Panchuli Peaks at Munsiyari
Glorifying Panchuli Peaks at Munsiyari | Source

Map of Ranikhet


Ranikhet which means 'Queen's Meadow' in English is a popular hill station and cantonment town in Almora district of Uttarakhand. It takes approximately 8 hours 24 minutes to reach Ranikhet which is 358.8 km journey from Delhi. The hill station possess everything to lure the nature worshipers. The sun kissed peaks, dense coniferous trees, apple orchards, cool breeze blowing on the hills and the view of birds peeping from every nook and crannies makes it a nature's hub.

Romantic destinations in ''The Queen's Land''

The romantic weather of Ranikhet persuades the love birds for a betrothal in the lap of nature. The couples can spend quality time at the famous Chaubatia Gardens, Golf Course, Ashiyana Park and Tarikhet. The newly wedded couples can take blessings for a prosperous married life from Mankameshwar Temple, Jhula Devi Temple and Binsar Mahadev. A day breaking view of dusk and dawn can be see from Katarmal Surya Temple. Go on a picnic to Majhkali or Siyalikhet which are famous picnic spots having scenic beauty. One can also visit Bhalu Dam which is a major tourist attraction of this place. It is an artificial lake blessed with natural bounteousness. The dam site is open for tourists throughout the year.

Ranikhet ''The Queen's Meadow''
Ranikhet ''The Queen's Meadow'' | Source

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