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Russia, The Dangers Of Going To Russia on Vacation, Murder, Kidnapping, and Drugs

Updated on December 14, 2015
The Kremlin
The Kremlin

Russia has been nominated the fourth most dangerous place to live after a murder occurred every 18 minutes.

The vast country is alleged to have more mafia than state police. Most of the crimes are committed by organised criminal gangs

There are an average of 84 murders every day, that's one every 18 minutes.

American and British tourists on vacation are often kidnapped off the streets because they will fetch a higher ransom.

Russia has over 143 million inhabitants, and with little to do and no employment prospects, the youth turn to a life of crime to fund their drug habits and to feed their families.

Human Trafficking


Human trafficking works both ways in Russia. They import and export men, women, and children for the sex trade as well as for forced labour.

Women and children from the Ukraine, Nigeria and Moldova are forced into prostitution or begging in the tourist hot spots to pay their 'debt bondage'.

The delicate political situation between Russia and the U.S. means that there is no extradition treaty between the two countries.

This makes it more difficult for rapists, kidnappers, and murderers of US citizens to be prosecuted or even caught.

The vastness of Russia (6,592,800 sq miles)and the mafia connections make it easy for criminals to hide. Corrupt officials and police are rife.

As there are no proper records for many parts of Eastern Europe, it is difficult to put a number on the amount of people being trafficked through Russia every year.

Figures suggest that over 10,000 women and children are trafficked out of Russia every year for the sex trade alone to the U.A.E. U.S. and other parts of Western Europe.

Each trafficked person could be sold to a brothel for as little as $5,000. They will then spend years working on their backs to please their new owners and make them money.

American and British tourists go missing in Russia every year. They are never found again. Many may be sold several times.

Express Kidnapping


High unemployment and massive drug use in Russia has made every tourist a possible target for express kidnapping.

Similar to the 'kidnap express' in Mexico, people on vacations to Russia can be abducted off the streets, from hotel rooms, or forced out of taxis.

The victims are then threatened with physical abuse by knife or gun point, and are then robbed of all their jewelry and personal belongings.

If two victims are taken at once, one is forced to go to a cash machine and withdraw as much cash out as possible, whilst the other person is held in a secret location.

If this satisfies the kidnappers, then the victims will be released with a threat of death if they report the kidnapping to authorities.

If on the other hand, they want more money, they will instruct the victim to phone home and get a larger reward sent by Western Union or Money-gram.

Sometimes, even after a reward has been paid, the victims are still murdered.

Drugs, Alcohol, & Guns


Guns Rule in Russia
Guns Rule in Russia
Alcohol Related Accidents
Alcohol Related Accidents

Estimations put 50% of the nations economy was linked to organised crimes such as drugs and human trafficking.

Between 100,00 and 150,000 vehicles are stolen each year, most from St Petersberg and Moscow.

Road deaths stand at an alarming 14,000 annually thanks to drink drivers with another 60,000 serious injuries on the country's roads.

Alcohol is cheap in Russia where many teenagers under the influence carry out express kidnappings, mugging, rapes and murders.

The lack of border controls make Russia a prime location for drug trafficking. The Russian mafia have hundreds of drug trafficking routes to every corner of the globe.

Teenage drug abuse with marijuana and cocaine is rife and Russia has the worlds biggest heroin addiction figures.

Since the end of the cold war and the fall of the Berlin wall, the stockpiles of arms and munitions Russia built up has leaked onto the streets.

Most organised criminal gangs carry weapons of some calibre. Poorly paid Russian troops are allegedly into massive arms trafficking with neighboring countries to supplement their salary.

Unfortunately, these guns end up in the hands of teenagers and then into the faces of unsuspecting tourists. Life is cheap in parts of Russia.

Kidney Harvesting


Where's My Kidney Gone?
Where's My Kidney Gone?

Kidney harvesting is carried out over the entire world. People wake up in the bath of a hotel room covered in an with a not next to them saying 'Do not move, your kidneys have been harvested'.

Kidney harvesting is a growing crime which nets criminal gangs millions of dollars worth of internal organs every year. You are worth more dead than alive.

Free Link To: How Much Are You Worth Dead, Illegal Organ Harvesting.

The Beautiful Russia


Russia, like so many other war torn countries is an amazingly beautiful country. The majority of the population are very welcoming and warm.


If Russia and other countries whose financial stability relies upon human misery, including drugs, weapons, and trafficking, were to open its doors to tourism and drop the illegal side of their enterprises, surely, their economy would improve as would living conditions, medical facilities and their whole way of life?

Cheap vacations to Russia also include a tour of the Kremlin itself. This once in a lifetime opportunity should be taken up if going to Russia.

Always be alert when on vacation to Russia.


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      Helen Adpt 2 years ago

      Russia is amazing ! I like it so much