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Travel Guide: Sabah, Malaysia

Updated on October 4, 2011

Sabah, Malaysia is an exciting destination for all travelers. It has an array of diversified cultures and exciting natural wonders. It has one of the oldest rainforest in the world, along with Mount Kinabalu, and the island paradise of Sipadan. The possibilities for every visitor are endless. You can dive in the pacific to see natural reefs or take a number of different eco tours available around the country. Or you can relax and enjoy just the quite of the majestic mountains.

Most people think of Malaysia as a third world country but in really it is very convenient and affordable to get about with the modern infrastructure it provides. There are flights to the major towns about every two hours or you can drive and take a comfortable ride along the new highway and enjoy the scenery.

Sabah is the perfect destination for the eco adventurer. You can take part in an incredible trek through thick jungle. You can also try your hand at mountain climbing, whit water rafting or four wheel drive expeditions. There are also large opportunities to see some of the natural wonders around this area with tours for animal and bird watching. There are also expeditions where you can shake off the touristy stuff and dive into the central culture of this Mecca. They offer a unique experience of living in a traditional village with the locals, sampling there cuisine, and experiencing traditional culture of the area. If you would like to get a large experience they also offer a program known as home stays where you are an exchange student in a native family’s home for months. It is an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in their culture.

Besides eco-tourism, this Sabah is also known as one of south East Asia’s largest golf destinations. For those of you that have a unique passion for golf you will defiantly like to check out some of the greatest and challenging courses in the world. There are golf lessons offered by the Sabah gold & country club. Also, the Borneo Golf club offers free lessons with a stay; this club was designed and run by Jack Nicholas before he retired. There are a number of courses that are available so depending on what you are looking for they will suit all your taste.

There are also plenty of opportunities for people who love to sail or go ocean riding. Sabah has tour guides and privet boats available to anyone interested in sailing. Sailing in this part of the world will offer you unique opportunities for photography as well as relaxing while admiring the beautiful landscape that Sabah has to offer.

A must see for any visitor to the area is Mount Kinabalu. It was named a world heritage site by UCANDD in the late 90s. It is a traditional look into the culture of volcano worship back in the time when the local ancestors roamed the island.

All of these activate are available and plenty more when visiting Sabah Malaysia. So if you are planning a Eco adventure, golf vacation or are just wanting to relax Sabah offers it all.


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  • drbj profile image

    drbj and sherry 8 years ago from south Florida

    Beautiful photos and video. Thanks.

    I've visited Malaysia (Sri Lanka) and didn't get to see Sabah but did stay in Penang for some time and it was beautiful with beaches like the unspoiled ones in Florida - if you can find them.