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Safe Travel Tips for Women

Updated on June 14, 2017

Planning your trip


Know Before You Go

Women that travel alone either on business or on vacation need to carefully plan each stage of their trip. Knowing how to get from one point to another can save you time and frustration. If you rely on paid transportation such as a taxi, then you need to be sure that you end up at your destination safely. Traveling alone does not need to be a hassle, nor should it cause additional stress.

If you are traveling within the domestic United States, then language should not be an issue. However, there are many foreigners that drive cabs for a living and English may not be their most fluent language. There are many options both public and private for traveling.

Download the trip information and print before you leave from your departure site. Maps are available online and there are many travel tools as well. You can print direct routes and alternate routes in the event of bad weather, traffic congestion or construction.

Plan Your Trip

Some car rental companies have partnered with hotel chains. When you leave the airport you can take the bus directly to your hotel. Once you check in, you can contact a car rental agency and they will deliver the car to you. Be aware that if you own a vehicle, you are not required to pay the heavy insurance costs which will be offered to you. If you get in an accident, contact your insurance company and they will handle the paperwork. Book the car before you start your trip.


Online Travel Agencies

You can find travel deals on sites such as Expedia, Kayak, CheapoAir, Travelocity, Booking Buddy and Orbitz. If you are going to a large metropolitan city, public transportation may be easier than renting a car. If you arrive at your destination and determine that you will be traveling throughout the region, you’ll want to book a car.

Booking Your Car Separately

There are a lot of different sites to book a rental and in major cities this won’t be a problem. Check your options from Hertz, National Car, Enterprise, Thrifty, Avis and Budget. There are other options available and you can check with the desk clerk to see if they partner with any of these agencies.

Additional options if you are a member are to contact AAA, AARP or your corporate travel department if you are on company business.

Safety Checks Before You Exit the Garage

There are some things you should check when you pick up the car. Ask for a map when you get the keys. Make sure the remote key works to lock and unlock the doors. Check the gas gauge and make sure that you have enough fuel to reach your destination. When you start the car, adjust your seat as well as the rear-view and outside mirrors. If you are using GPS to get to your destination, make sure that the right address is listed. Also, plug in your cell phone so that it will be fully charged. Make sure there is a spare tire in the trunk and keep the rental agency contact information in your purse.

Public Transportation

If you plan on using public transportation, make sure that you pre-arrange transportation. If you are in a large city like New York, catching a cab during rush hour will be difficult. Contact the company and arrange for a driver to pick you up at a certain time and place.

If you use the metro system, remain aware of who is around you and where you are. Stay away from the tracks until it is time to board. Keep in mind how many stops are located between where you are and where you are

Expect the Unexpected

There are a lot of transportation options available everywhere you go, but planning your trip in advance will help ensure that you arrive at your destination without any problems. Expect the unexpected, but plan for everything to run smoothly.

© 2013 Michelle Orelup


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    • ktnptl profile image

      ktnptl 4 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      It is very useful to check the environment where you going. If you are travelling abroad then check the political scenarios also. Many countries have volatile political structure that can be dangerous for foreign visitors, especially women. Please do your homework before your travel. Happy journey !

    • lifelovemystery profile image

      Michelle Orelup 4 years ago from Houston, TX

      Thank you. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend. Travel safe!

    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 4 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      These are some very good tips. Thanks for sharing this with us, and have a great day!

      ~ Kathryn

    • travelersguide profile image

      Jaslyn Lim 4 years ago from Singapore

      Having a map and travel plan on a daily basis is really helpful especially in a country that is not fluent in English.

    • Akshar Enterprise profile image

      Kishan Patel 4 years ago from Ahmedabad, India

      WOW! Such a great Idea. I really impress with this post. It is very useful advices for all women while she travel........

    • pamelareadz profile image

      Pamela Cornes 4 years ago from Memphis, TN

      These are some great tips. Thanks for the advice. As women, we can never be too careful when traveling as we are, often times, considered easy targets, but you can definitely prepare to protect yourself. I always plan. It makes me feel safer when I know what to do and where to go if something happens in unfamiliar surroundings.

    • amandajoyshapiro profile image

      amandajoyshapiro 4 years ago

      You are right about always carrying a map, checking the features of the rental car, and to expect the unexpected. I liked the title of your article, but all of your tips are for everyone, man or woman.