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Saint Mary Church in Torun and her art

Updated on April 19, 2012
A markerTorun, Poland -
ToruĊ„, Poland
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The vault of Saint Mary


Albeit the outer plain walls of Saint Mary Church in Torun, Poland, were erected in a Gothic style, their austere appearance is reminiscent of a Roman temple. The monumental reddish brick walls of the sacred edifice are covered with a gable roof of the same color. The dark outer walls of Saint Mary are contrasted by light inner walls crowned with a starry vault. The striking softness of the vault, as well as of the posts supporting it, is the most unique feature of Saint Mary's inner shape. The vault is beautified with a modest, rhythmic, floral design.



The altar panel "Quinitas" represents the Holy Trinity. The existence of God in three persons is represented within the geometric shape defined by two short arches of the same circle that meet at two points (two apexes), one above and one below. The one below points at earth and the one above points at heaven. The Creator is rendered in a seated position with his Child resting on his chest. However, the Creator is not holding the Child with his hands.

Above the head of the Creator, two hands stretched upwards emerge from a humble cloak. Below the feet of the Creator, two feet pierced with one nail are bleeding. Above the halo that surrounds the head of the Creator sits a white dove, the symbol of the Holy Ghost. Below the bleeding feet, the Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) is gazing at Mary, the Mother of the tiny Child. The male figure on the left is pointing at the Lamb of God. Mary's figure is prostrated in anguish; her face is full of dolor.

However, the mystery of the panel lies in the Latin title "Quinitas" that indicates five persons of the Trinity (Trinitas) instead of three: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Who are the two persons that are not rendered within the designated shape of the panel?


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