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Salou Spain - Great Place to stay - A Beautiful Beach Town and just a short train ride to Barcelona

Updated on July 15, 2011

Salou, Spain

Our second week in Europe we stayed in a small beach town called Salou. Very nice, very quaint. It had a beautiful sandy beach and board walk that went on for miles. Although the weather still had a cold edge we still pulled off our socks to feel the sand and Mediterranean sea. The sand it turned out was very silky, as expected the water was cold.

Many times we walked the board walk. On Sunday the board walks of cities are very interesting as all the residents come out and stroll, play and eat.

The day before we are to leave we finally walk to Cambrills. We had heard it was a delightful working seaport and holiday town. It was about a 7 kilometer stroll one way - Goofing it took us the better part of the day.

On our walk we past under some very tall palm trees and heard all this chirping. When we looked up there were these beautiful parrot type birds singing their hearts out while building nests. Quite nice to encounter.

As with so many of the other places we visited so far the tourist season had not quite started so we had the beaches and board walk all to our selves. We were so glad. In our journeys we had seen that there were a bazillion apartments and condo’s boarded up... in a few weeks they will be opened and full - this quiet little seaboard town will then become packed to the max.


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