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San Francisco the City by the Bay

Updated on April 9, 2013
A view of San Francisco Skyline from the bay
A view of San Francisco Skyline from the bay | Source

San Francisco is the perfect melting pot, with young and mature setting up homes, shops, and districts in the city's diverse neighborhoods San Francisco is a charming city.

San Francisco is just only one of many cities in the entire Bay Area.It is one of my favorite cities.

It is the best city in America at landfill avoidance. San Francisco is a passionate, epicurean city with a vast array of restaurants.

She is a charming city to all kinds of people, Internet millionaires and migrants alike. It is only seven miles wide by seven miles long that can take weeks to explore.

It is a city of hills that can be kid-crushers, and flagging' down a cab won't work most times. It is working on becoming a zero waste city.

San Francisco Chinatown ornate dragon gate at the corner of Grant & Bush streets.The gate was a gift from the Republic of China in 1969
San Francisco Chinatown ornate dragon gate at the corner of Grant & Bush streets.The gate was a gift from the Republic of China in 1969 | Source

San Francisco is a large city when it comes to sightseeing, Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz Island and Chinatown.

San Francisco has the largest Chinese population of any city in the United States, at 160,838. It has the necessary ingredients to develop urban agriculture within the city.

San Francisco is a film that will never lose its appeal because of all these ingredients. San Francisco is a small place. It is a popular place for tourists. It is well known for its fog, but the sun shines through. It is green, clean, and organic—the architecture is high-tech and Eco-friendly, and the food is excruciatingly fresh and local.

It has a temperate climate, with cool, wet winters and dry summers. San Francisco has long been renowned for its mild climate and socially progressive citizenry.

San Francisco Union Square Gary & Powell
San Francisco Union Square Gary & Powell

San Francisco is much different from a typical tourist destination. It is one of over 3,500 worldwide destinations available on Hostel Bookers.

It is made up of numerous ethnically distinct and historically vibrant districts. It is known for cable cars.

San Francisco is also well-known for its unique and intriguing neighborhoods.

San Francisco is the best jumping-off point for a weekend in wine country. It has some of the strictest parking laws and enforcement in the country. It can win defensive battles, and it's as explosive as any team offensively since Kaepernick took over at quarterback.

It was built on 43 hills and is perhaps most famous for the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco has implemented a series of ground-breaking legislation to help us achieve our goal of zero waste by 2020.

San Francisco has a rich and meaningful relationship with its waste hauler, Ecology. It has been conducting SDM training since Dec 06 with implementation scheduled for spring 2007. It has a wide range of sightseeing places that have a different experience imbibed with it. San Francisco has numerous parks, ranging from the tiny to the huge.

San Francisco is kind of the birthplace of Couch Surfing. It has many zoos, which are a real visual treat for us. It has much to see — these are just the most significant sights.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge | Source


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      Dil Vil 4 years ago from India

      Beautiful destination San Francisco, i like the hub as well.