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Sanity-Saver Tips When You are Travelling with Toddlers

Updated on April 10, 2014

Kiddie Pool At Atlantis Bahamas

Kiddie Pool at the Atlantis Resort
Kiddie Pool at the Atlantis Resort | Source

Travelling With Toddlers

Traveling with toddlers can really bring lots of challenges. But this can also provide an opportunity to create lasting memories. Good thing, at this point in time, the travel industry are able to find ways on how to make traveling with a baby easier. Today, there are many helpful services and amenities that offers parents and their toddlers more comfort and ease in their journey.

But before planning and keeping yourself busy with all the logistical concerns of your travel, keep in mind that toddlers are easily delighted. You can get their attention in a snap and make them happy just by pointing a car, a horse or let them play at the sand near the sea shore. You can easily make them smile with little and simple things that are just around the corner.

You really do not need to spend too much on your vacation. Even a lower-key getaway can give you tons of unforgettable and lasting memories. Toddlers enjoy spending time with you and they easily get amazed with the new things they see around.

Nevertheless, if you plan to go to a resort vacation, you will be surprised that there are many facilities and amenities that are provided now for toddlers than before. For instance, in the Atlantis Bahamas, they offer a Gentle Travel Program. The resort offers a special kit containing baby care products; lullaby CD, Prompt Response Hot-line, night-light and many others. There are also some resorts that offer Baby Clubs and other programs to cater the needs of the babies and toddlers.

Resort owners provides more facilities to ensure a more safe and enjoyable vacation for toddlers. The Water Park in Atlantis Resort, for example, provides pools with specific height requirements. They have separate pools for baby and another one for kids. This is to ensure that each group of children is given the best amenities and services that they truly deserved.

There are also resorts that offer nurseries and toddler care. They also have age-specific programs to provide fun while learning. Some resorts even provide a nanny on vacation to give parents more time to relax and unwind together.

If you plan to go for a cruise, there are many themed cruise lines that offer more baby-friendly services. There are also a number of Theme Parks like the Atlantis Resort that offers attractions to charm the youngest guests.

Traveling with a baby entails a lot of planning. But if you follow the sanity saver tips mentioned here, it would not be difficult for you to have an enjoyable and memorable vacation. Choosing baby-friendly resorts like the Atlantis Bahamas, for instance, will give you and your family plenty of time to spend quality time together. With all these travel gears for babies and toddlers it easier to make your trip more comfortable and fun.

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    • aylsbillones profile image

      Aileen Billones 5 years ago from Naga City, Philippines

      Thanks Careermommy. Your absolutely right. Thanks for your comment.

    • Careermommy profile image

      Tirralan Watkins 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Traveling with little ones can be a challenge, but if planned well it can be a memorable and fun event. Thank you for sharing your ideas.