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Scuba Diving Locations in the Algarve

Updated on March 14, 2011

Numerous archaeological remains can still be found in the many scuba diving locations in the Algarve.

The visibility along the coast is high and the water temperature is inviting and rich in different marine life. Manny reefs, rocks, caves, coves, wrecks to decide where to dive.

Here are just a few of the good diving spots I know.

Carrapateira- North of Sagres with a few isolated rocky islands and coves with underwater caves full of diverse sea life. Many scuba diving locations in area. Up to 27m deep

Pedra da agulha- Close by Sagres, with unique natural colorful features. Up to 12 m deep

Vapor das Peles- Next to Cape St. Vincent, unknown French or English steam ship that sunk in a storm in 1917 with a cargo of fur. Not much of the ship remains to be explored but still an interesting dive. 27m deep

Ponta do Altar do Sol- With Sagres under view, these two caves that run next to each other offer a gentle helping current throughout your dive. 2 to 14m deep

Vapor das 19- Close to Sagres, this English steamship was bombed by a German plane in WWII. Still today you can see clearly its cargo of manmade coal bricks neatly laid on the hold as if the ship is still heading toward its destination. A favourate scuba diving locations. 30m deep

Sê Vapor- Praia da Luz. In WWI this steamship was cornered by a German submarine and the crew was politely asked to abandon ship before it was struck with a torpedo. Broke in half as it sunk and now it’s the home of a family of 3 to 4m long friendly and curious conger eels. 37m deep

L`Ocean- Lagos. French Admiralty ship of the 18th century caught and blown up by the English. Melted metal on the sea bed shows the violence of the explosion. 5 to10m deep

Pedra da Gaivota- Lagos. This rock formation has a natural slope to let you in and out of the water easily. Diverse fauna. 14m deep

Valados- Albufeira. Unusual natural rock formations with long white coral growth. 23m deep

Navio Ipimar- Faro. This ship was cleaned, prepared and sunk to form an artificial reef now teaming with life. 27m deep

Pedra da Greta- Faro. A long stretch of fossilized sand dunes full of diverse life. In some areas the huge blocks are so neatly laid that it looks manmade. 20m deep

Zimbral- Faro. Not far from the last mentioned with totally different characteristics. 14m deep

Pedra do Barril- Tavira. This long and wide stretch of rock is home to a rare coral. Round stone Roman era anchors can still be found here. Many scuba diving locations. 30m deep

Batelão e grua de Cacela- Tavira. This barge and crane was laying cement blocks on the seabed to form artificial reefs when it tilted and sunk. 26m deep

Pedra de Cacela- Tavira. Easy dive on rock formations filled with colored life. 14m deep

Vapor Ingles- Vila Real de Santo António. This steamship was bombed in WWII by a German plane and sunk at the mouth of the Guadiana River full with iron ore. 19m deep


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