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Searching Google Earth and Ocean for Lost Islands and Cities

Updated on July 14, 2016

Fragment of a scroll about "Atlantis" by Hellanicus of Lesbos

Atlantis, by Monsù Desiderio (beginning of the 17th century)

And I wondered...

Could it be possible to discover with Google Ocean or Google Earth lost cities, islands, even the Lost Continent of Atlantis? I did some research and found that the Cuban newspaper Granma in 2001 reported how ADC (Advanced Digital Communications) the previous summer had filmed some ruines of a possible "Lost City", on the western tip of Cuba in the Yucatan Channel. ADC Engineer Paulina Zelitsky stated that the nature of their discovery was not yet fully understood, and that they would return to conduct further investigations. What they had discovered, was a "marvelous structure which could possibly have been a great urban center".

Granma reported that the underwater video images showed a pyramid-shaped structure, that could have been at least 6,000 years old. The large blocks of granite, between two and five meters long, were found in circular and perpendicular formations. Only some of them were covered with sediment and the area's fine white sand.

Paulina Zelitsky said the structures were presumably built on dry land before being covered by the sea and that they could have been sunk by volcanic activity in the area. She confirmed ADC possessed high resolution sidescan sonar images of "a huge land plateau with clear images of what appears to be manmade large-size architectural designs partly covered by sand. From above, the shapes resemble pyramids, roads and buildings."

Because of copyright reasons, I can't publish the images in this Hub, but here are some samples.

"There are quite a number of ancient ruins such as Machu Picchu that have been inhabited by the Inca and civilizations much older than the Inca," this guy says. On his page, you can see a photo album with sixteen "Unidentified Underwater Anomalies" found near Lake Titicaca and in the northern central Andes, 200 miles north-east from Lima.

You will wonder what you are looking at: computer boards? buildings with streets, houses, corridors? One of the images seems to show walls that have crumbled... "I have yet to determine what I'm seeing in Google Earth and would like to hear what you think these anomalies might be," this guy says.

I couldn't say it better!

Satellite Image of Lake Titicaca

An international team of archeaologists has found the ruins of an ancient temple under Lake Titicaca, that has long drawn fascination with various legends surrounding it, including one of an underwater city called Wanaku and one of Inca gold lost by the Spanish.

"The Incas also regarded the lake as the birthplace of their civilization, and in their myth, the Children of The Sun emerged out of the waters."

A second expedition claimed they discovered the ancient underwater Tiwanakotas civilization, a precursor to the Incas...


Atlantis Blackout

gruesome grey

is Atlantis as it rises

from the watery depths

of human consciousness

to match with

all of the known and unknown

Whispers from the past

contain clues to our Future

wich will lift the veil to reveal

concealed messages

from Atlantis


"at your command"

I will delete Atlantis

You didn't make clear

whether I was "allowed"

to delete Stonehenge

Ancient Skies

of Atlantis

Viewed from Above

in a UFO

Dragon Full Measure (Ancient Metrology)

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    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Nothing short of "wow!" Thanks, Dutchman. Glad I finally discovered your Hub.

      Do you know of a date on the Hellanicus of Lesbos document? Or could you supply your source for the document?

      And thanks for the ADC link. Fascinating pix.

      Would you be interested to know that we have indirect proof of Atlantis? Actually, it's proof of an Atlantis-like event, right when Plato said the mythical island subsided. And that proof comes from three different scientific disciplines. I discuss this in detail on one of my own.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 9 years ago from Ohio

      Lost Dutchman, Great Hub! Thanks for referencing mine!! :) I didn't know about these South American underwater cities. Thanks for the information!


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