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Seeing Italy in Only Seven Days

Updated on March 12, 2011

Traveling in Italy is a wonderful way to learn the geography, history, and beauty of this colorful country. If you take your family on this journey, be sure to choose family friendly environments in your accommodations. You can enjoy some wonderful family adventures in Italy. There are beautiful beaches and lovely scenery to be found there. The kids will get a thrill from the various parks, summer sports, and the sea. They can try parasailing and snorkeling if they're old enough. The whole family can enjoy taking land excursions to old ancient ruins and museums.

Tourist attractions in Italy are endless and diverse, attracting millions of visitors every year from all parts of the world. Here are some things you definitely don't want to miss while in Italy:

Don't let your cash flow keep you from enjoying Italy's top attraction, which is Venice. Go on a gondola ride at sunset. All riders begin their tour of 45 minutes, being totally awestruck at how silent and effortlessly they're able to traverse the beautiful backwaters of such a romantic city.

Pompeii is another must see. You'll find it around Naples. For 10 euros it's a real bargain. It's very easy to spend a whole day here, and still not see everything there is to see. It was destroyed back in 79A.D. by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, and still holds more than you can see in a day. If you like this spot, then you'll like Herculaneum too. Here the houses have been better preserved, even some of the original furniture. The best way to visit these two sites is by way of Circumvesuviana.

You can wake up early to visit the Uffizi and get there about an hour before opening time. I recommend this for you. The island of Capri is very enchanting with extraordinary beauty consisting of both land and sea. It holds a magical atmosphere that makes you want to stay a long time.

You have to visit the Colosseo. Most everyone knows about the Colosseo. You may sign up for your tour just outside. It will cost you about 15 euros. For this you get a forum tour as well as a tour of palatine hill. The other major attractions in Rome are the Trevi Fountain, St Peter's Cathedral, the Vatican City,  Poppolo Plaza, Spanish Steps, Navona Plaza, Pantheon, and the Forum.

The beauties of Italy could have me sitting here writing forever. But I hope I've sparked your imagination enough to check it out. It's something you'll never regret doing, and never forget as long as you live.


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