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Travel: Seeing New York City in a day

Updated on December 13, 2009

New York city sight seeing

We live near Philadelphia city and I was planning to show my parents New York city last year and they were not interested go and stay for few days to see every place in detail. They just wanted a day trip to New York city and see as much as possible.

I found this tour company in NY which catered to my exact needs (please see link below). They have 5 1/2 hours tour package where they take you around NY and show you most of the places. It starts at their office and ends at Empire state building.We really felt that it was well worth the money spent.

If you are planning to see Empire state building you should buy tickets online (please see link below). Buying tickets before hand is very advisable, because you will avoid at least one long queue.

As a side tip to go to New York city from Philly area, if you live north somewhere like Lansdale area. You should take 309 north and then 78 east near Allentown, this will take you directly to Jersey city. Taking turnpike could take longer because of traffic jams all the time on turnpike, not to mention the tolls. I would park my car in Journal Square train station in Jersey city (you can get to it by taking 14C exit from 78) and take local Path train to enter Manhattan. I found this very convenient way to get in and out of New York City.

Have a nice trip


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