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Belgium in the clouds

Updated on March 23, 2012

They are fluffy white, maybe like cotton, yes, this is the word. The clouds are rugged, woolly, disparate, floating in an animated kind of way. They are peacefully moving, bright white chunks of indescribable wool.

We are above them, in some cases they are surrounding us, but they are mostly situated in different parts of the horizons. The clouds coming in different shapes and sizes, they are almost like figures, snow mountains, snowflakes, white debris, it's as if they are swimming on top of a deep blue sea of space.

This was the scene as the plane entered what can technically be called Belgium airspace; to the layman, its flying in the heavenly skies . Things change dramatically as you move from different geographical regions into others.

The scene continues to be magnificent at 34,000 feet above the ground and into the vast spaces of the skies. The combination of colors, pale white, slightly foggy and blue gives a new meaning to life as the jumbo flies almost aimlessly in the skies.

At times the clouds are above us, at times they are bellow us, scattered into a thickness of their own breed. There is no need to fathom how they are made, or how they are created but allow yourself to sit an enjoy an awesome scenery over Europe.

Its startling, its wondrous, it’s the breadth of nature, almost beyond our human imagination.


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      Feline Prophet 6 years ago

      Ahhh...another cloud watcher! :)