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Seven Myths About Cruising

Updated on January 7, 2010

Cruise ships are fun, don't let myths get in the way!

Myths about Cruises,bandini,
Myths about Cruises,bandini,

As with many other things in life, the act of cruising has been victim of several myths, stereotypes, biased thoughts and generalizations. Whichever name you want to call it, only seasoned cruisers or those folks who have made out of cruising a living, can really debunk some  of these long lived myths. if you are thinking of embarking on a cruise, but only have tepid feelings about it because of some''myth'' , here is a guide to help you steer clear from wrong sayings and seek the ultimate truth.

The Most Common Cruise Myths Debunked

♦ Cruising is Expensive

When people think of cruising they often think of it as of something only those with lots of money can afford. They therefore imagine bottles of champagne in a luxury room, expensive tuxedos and stiletto's, unaffordable spas, and prohibitive dinners. Some people imagine cruising as to being so expensive they do not even give it as thought. Yet, good research, right timing and modest accommodations may make cruising much more affordable than thought.

A lot of money can be saved by browsing and comparing several website offers, booking in advance, choosing to cruise when people are less likely to travel and being happy with an internal stateroom rather than a room with balcony. For instance, a seven night cruise to the Carribean, booked one year in advance in an internal stateroom on a Princess Cruise may range between $517 to $587 per person.

♦ Cruising Causes Sea Sickness

This may be true, but knowledge is power and if you are well prepared you will not have to worry about turning green and spending your cruise all day stuck in the cabin. First of all, sea sickness does not happen all the time, it requires some bad weather. There will be smooth sails where people may question if they are actually cruising an there will be some rougher rides. Truth is, it does not happen all the time.

Particularly sensitive individuals or those who are concerned about getting sea sick may ask for a cabin in an area less likely to rock should a storm approach.Most agents will be happy to assist in finding a cabin in the most steady areas of the ship. Generally, the middle of the ship is best and the higher decks should be avoided. Cabins with a window or balcony are recommended. Dramamine, wrist bands and some ginger candy may help keep nausea at bay.

♦ Cruising is All About Eating

Well, cruises offer some of the most tantalizing meals on earth, so it would be a shame to skip meals while on board. Chefs work hard to offer some of the best cuisine, from tempting appetizers all the way through decadent desserts. Three meals are offered a day and some cruise ships offer food at any time of the day, so often people think that eating is the only activity on board. Yet, this is wrong or it may have applied to the cruises of many years ago.

Nowadays, cruise ships offer many activities, so many that a newsletter with all daily activities are delivered to each day so passengers may hand pick their activities. Food is a great deal, but it is not all about the food. For those concerned about their diets, more and more cruise ships offer light meals with low fat and low calories.

♦ Cruising will Leave You Empty Pocketed

Perhaps the main myth that cruising is expensive derives from the fact that there are often thing to pay for once aboard. However, how much is spent ultimately comes down to the owner of the wallet. If you cannot resist the slot machines, that expensive Martini, or that trip to the Spa, very likely indeed you will have made your cruise expensive.

Cruises as explained earlier are not expensive as thought, actually, often cruises must rely on additional services on board in order to make a decent profit. Deciding how to spend your money is ultimately only up to you. Keep in mind however, that generally entertainment is free and often meals are included in the initial price.

♦ Cruising in For Seniors

Cruise have been for some time stereotyped as for senior citizens, but this is no longer true. While senior citizens may have more time (and years savings) on hand to enjoy a leisurely cruise, nowadays, cruises are crafted to cater to all ages. However, there may be cruises that are more likely to have activities on board that are more suitable for mature adults. It all comes down to researching the cruise and checking on what activities are offered.

For instance, families with children will surely enjoy a Disney cruise which offers several on board activities specifically tailored to children, whereas senior citizens may enjoy more a cruise with more ''mature'' activities in mind. The good thing is that good research will yield results to meet each passenger's needs.

♦ Cruising Means Staying in Cramped Rooms

It all depends on what your budget is. Most cruises offer alternatives to the indoor no window stateroom. There are rooms with outdoor windows so to deliver the sensation of more space and even rooms equipped with balconies so to allow passengers to soak up the sun and get fresh air. Some cruises offer bigger rooms than others. If you are looking into a cruise with a large room ask for the sizes.

Nowadays, most cabins resemble hotel rooms and come equipped with nice sized beds, desks, closets and private bathrooms with showers. It all depends on your expectations. If you look forward to spend time exploring the ship and enjoying the entertainment, then a small room may be acceptable since it is mostly used to sleep, but if you expect to spend some time in your room, then a larger room is recommended.

♦ Cruising Means Dealing with Crowds

It may seem pretty obvious with a ship filled with over 3,000 guests that the cruise will make you encounter crowds, but it is not always this way. Actually, if you book your cruise off season, you may enjoy the privilege of wandering about the cruise with just a few people around. If on the other hand, you book your cruise in the summer on around holidays, the ship may be over full, but considering the size of most ships nowadays, this may not be a problem.

It therefore really comes down to booking the cruise when crowds are less likely or if there are really many passengers on board choosing to get out at times when people are less likely to be around, Good times to wander are in the early morning, late evening or when a goo amount of people are enjoying shows or eating.

As seen cruising can be a great way to relax, have fun and unwind from the hustle and bustle of every day life. If a cruising myth has kept you away from enjoying this great way to travel, seek the truth and give cruising a try. You may be pleasantly surprised and actually want to spend more cruising adventures in the near future.

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