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Seventeen Days of Excitement Day Two - Part Two

Updated on July 9, 2011
The Clock Tower Church
The Clock Tower Church
Baby Abdiel
Baby Abdiel

While in the Walmart, we decided to have a key made for the van. I kinda lost my key shortly after we got it. <frown> Duh… so, I’m human.

Well, we could have a key made for half the price of the dealer; however, it would not open the car keyless. It would simply be a key (for $50). We opted to take a chance on me not losing this one and kept on moving.

This time I camped in the back of the van on my “rubber raft” which was quite comfortable. I was surprised how good it felt. It was just long enough that we could raise the head a bit. There were tons of pillows, all sizes and colors (red, blue, striped and leopard, as well as green). I bathed myself in the lushness’ and before I knew it I was sound asleep. I hated to leave Tom, with no one to talk to, but I caved. He said he enjoyed driving in silence. <oops> Oh, it was wonderful. Best sleep I had had in days. I was pain free!

Getting out of the car each time I was in the back was a challenge to say the least; funny and always worth a good laugh. <smile>

4:00 pm

We are in Cherokee territory in Oklahoma. I have memories of Indians from when I was a child and I start telling Tom, forgetting that he has heard the story many times. However, you have not. So I will share it with you.

When I was four or five years old, and I displeased my mother, she would say, “I’m going to give you back to the Indians.” I am of Indian descent, but not full blood.

I never forgot that and when I was seven years old my family took a cross country trip from Kentucky to California. We were in the Dakota’s, I believe, when Mother and Dad decided to stop at an Indian Village.

I walked in with my hand in Mother’s and the first thing I saw was a man dressed in full Indian Garb. I knew nothing about Indians, except Mother kept telling me to be good or … you know.

From the moment I laid eyes on that huge man, until we left his shop, I screamed bloody murder. I did not quit screaming until we were back in the car and Mother was holding me in her lap.

I want to visit an Indian Village on this trip.

This is very exciting to me. As for Tom, he is funny. He is saying all kinds of silly things. He finds the Indian names good fodder for his particular type of humor. <giggle>

At least it is keeping him awake. Wouldn’t you know, the moment I write about him he decides I need to participate with him. You betcha! <big smile>

5:55 pm

We have traveled 405 miles so far today. (and we have lost two hours - we are now in the MST zone)

Just a play on names; At Lotawatah there was a lake named Eufaula. Get it? A lot of water on you full of water lake) Amazing the things that you find entertaining while traveling across country and the Mohave desert.

Moan and groan; did you know you can have butt cramps? I’m here to tell you that you can. I welcome any little walk outside the car. So does my love. He has arthritis so I guess he is cramped about every where he can be. Still we do not complain.

How cool is this: we just passed the Indian Nation Turnpike (Exit 240 A). I really never thought of the Indians as a Nation, but I suppose it is quite logical that they are.

Because it is a toll road we choose to stay on I-40. It does sound interesting to travel some day. It is the longest toll road in the United States. It is 104.2 miles and costs a 2 axle vehicle $4.75 one way, unless you have a Pikepass, then it is $4.50 one way.

8:35 pm

We just got off of the Interstate and pulled into the Baymont Inn & Suites. It looks like a part of the Mariott group of hotels - like the Fairfield, where we stayed last night. We have decided (Tom has decided) <giggle> that since this is our “official” second honeymoon that we deserve a little pampering.

Uh, oh, here he comes and he does not look too happy. They are full up. Guess it is time to find something else. Oh, there is a Best Western down the road. We’re going to try that one.

If that is full we’ll be heading to Amarillo! Won’t make it by “morning,” but will be closer than we are now. Here we go.

9:17 pm On the road again. 719 miles so far today - getting 23 mpg.

Here we are at another Fairfield Inn in Weatherford, about 2.5 miles down the Interstate from the Best Western. Where that was, there was some type of convention going on…not a room to be had.

Tom has gone in to check on availability. It is 9:42 and we are bone tired. Especially my poor chauffer. He is taking a while to return, so I am hoping for both of our sakes it is good news.

What a day… what a day! ROOM 416… Yeah! I’m so happy and even Tom has a crooked smile on his face.

He informs me that this happens to be the last room they have available and he is getting a discount on it. This is our lucky day; or should I say, our blessed day. Either works for me.

I called Mary this morning to check on my precious Snuggles and ask her to get some Glucosamine/Chondroten for her. She said she would and that Snuggles and Abdiel were doing just fine together. I hope she is right.

What a fine how-do-you-do…I forgot my night shirt in the car.

Tom is so exhausted I do not want to ask him to go get it for me and I, after a long day, am too dizzy to walk down there alone. Hey - who needs a night shirt anyway. I was born without one!

There are very nice warm covers here. I’m gonna grab my Leopard Teddy Bear, hold him tightly and sleep!

Good Night!


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