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Hidden Treasure in Maleny

Updated on October 29, 2014

Maleny, Queensland Australia

Peace in Maleny
Peace in Maleny | Source

Relaxing and Enjoyable

In 2009, my husband and I had just moved to a new area, Currimundi, and we wanted to see the area that was around us, so we went on a drive to Maleny.

Maleny is just beautiful, the air smells wonderful and the scenery is truly breathtaking. We spent the afternoon walking and riding around, then we came upon this scene and I had to capture it. I think this photo represents the beauty that landscapes the area. Maleny is 1,480 feet above sea level with beautiful rolling green hills.

Maleny is located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. If you are ever in that area, I would urge you to visit, it's very peaceful. It is located on the Blackall Range overlooking the hinterland of the sunshine coast.

According to wikipedia, the area used to be a sub-tropical rainforest with valuable, large hardwood trees, but heavy logging had destroyed the rainforest hills. It says that in steeper terrain, there still remains some of those trees and there is a reserve of about 100 Hectors of land that can't be logged.

In 2011 the population in Maleny was not quite 3,500 people. I don't find that hard to believe, when we took the day trip there in 2009, I did not see many people at all. We did meet a couple who had taken their pet pig for a walk, the pig had on a leash, and while it was pretty funny to see, it was also adorable.

Places to eat:

King Ludwig's Restaurant - advertised as German cuisine that is homemade and are located on Mountain View Road.

Mapleton Tavern - advertised menu shows to serve fish and chips, pizza, roasts, salads, seafood, etc. Located on Flaxton Drive.

And, Capriccios Maleny Italian Restaurant - advertises that's a place where you can dine in, take away, or get home delivery. Located in the Riverside Centre.

Live Foods Cafe - advertises that it is for Vegetarians, Vegans, and Organic. They are on Montville Road in Maleny.

We went to lunch at the Key Restaurant located on Mountain view Road. We were seated on a big back deck that was open to the air, it was so beautiful. I ordered fries with sour cream and chill sauce because I had never tried it before and it was amazing! I would have never thought I'd have enjoyed it so much. I don't honestly remember what my husband had, perhaps he ate it so fast, I didn't even notice :-)

We also visited Maleny Cheese, which was really interesting. You are able to watch the production area from big panoramic windows, all the cheese is made with fresh local milk, they have a cafe and deli products. They also offer free samples so you can try before you purchase. Their prices were very good and service was excellent.

Things to do while in Maleny;

Baroon Pocket Dam, a rock and earth filled embankment dam which is by the Obi Obi Creek and used for portable water and supplies Maroochy and Caloundra.

Maleny War Memorial, located on Bunya Street at the RSL Memorial Hall.

Botanic Gardens; Considered the jewel of Maleny with their exquisite gardens by Graham Ellis, The Garden Guru, 2011.

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, views of the Glasshouse Mountain, abundance of birds and a offers a Rainforest walk. It is also a Picnic ground.

There is so much more to tell about the places I've been here, but if I do it all now, I won't have any content for further hubs.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the photos.


Peace and beauty.



The pig in a leash!
The pig in a leash! | Source
Beautiful view, it is a shame I didn't have a better camera with me.
Beautiful view, it is a shame I didn't have a better camera with me. | Source
Another beautiful view in Maleny
Another beautiful view in Maleny | Source

Maleny War Memorial and Baroon Pocket Dam

Beautiful. | Source

Key Restaurant

We really enjoyed ourselves here.
We really enjoyed ourselves here. | Source

© 2014 Lisa


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    • Shot by Lisa profile image

      Lisa 3 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland Australia

      Thank you Mr. Cliffe :-)

    • profile image

      Tony Cliffe 3 years ago

      An excellent account of just one of the many great days spent on the Sunshine Coast. I look forward to reading more and to the memories these posts bring back. Thank you Mrs Cliffe